Video relay: Has COVID-19 taught us greener habits?

Hear students and staff at Aarhus University share the new green habits they’ve acquired during the COVID-19 shutdown. If you’d also like to share a green habit, send us a mail at

Lotte Blåbjerg Kristensen, a communications officer at Communications and Press, has reduced her food waste and her plastic consumption and saved money. Find out how in this video.

In this video, Lisa Topelmann-Weder, International Staff and Mobility Advisor, explains how she got used to reading various documents on the computer instead of printing them when working from home during the CORONA shutdown. She wants to hold on to this green habit now that she's back in the office.

The first woman with the baton is Susanne Søes Hejlsvig, who is part of AU's Sustainability Team, which works with AU's climate strategy and other green initiatives. In the video, Susanne tells us about the importance of cleaning up folders and drives on the computer – because just like so much else, data costs CO2.

Business Controller at Health Finance Nanna E. Nielsen has established two green habits during the corona pandemic. Visit her at her home office and find out more.

This time the baton goes to one of Denmark’s leading climate advocates: Connie Hedegaard, former minister of the environment, former climate and energy minister, and former EU climate commissioner – and current chair of the AU Board. Connie shares her thoughts on what she’s learned from the COVID-19 shutdown. Connie is passionate about the green agenda, and as chair of the university’s board, she has contributed to the development of the university’s first climate strategy.

In the video, she talks about how the shutdown taught her that we’re all much more ready to change our habits than we tend to believe. For example, she’s had a lot of productive meetings with partners she would have met with in person before.