Om CiC programmet

Challenges in Chemistry
The research talent program for B.Sc. students in chemistry and medicinal chemistry
The aim of the research talent program is to provide academic challenges to B.Sc. students in chemistry and medicinal chemistry with strong talents and high motivation. The aim is the further development of the students academic skills.  The research talent program is based on nurturing motivated talents in the years before admission into the M.Sc. and PhD programs is possible. The research talent program leads up to, but is not part of, the M.Sc. and PhD studies programs, nor is it mandatory for admission into these.
The program consists of an open part and closed part. The open part runs towards the end of the students' second semester and consists of extra exercises  (pre-challenges) related to first-year courses. All students are welcome to participate in the open part.
After the open part, students must apply for admission into the closed part of the challenges in chemistry program which runs until the end of the students' sixth semester. Accepted students will typically be characterized by top grades in science courses. They are expected to be able to solve the challenges up to the application deadline. They are assumed to be driven by curiosity and ambitions, and must be willing to be challenged and work extra hours.
The Challenges in Chemistry program is based on students taking in a number of challenges of various types. The challenges are not part of the courses, but follow on top of these. Some challenges are general, and others are specific relative to a particular direction in chemistry, which can be any research direction represented at the Department of Chemistry. The students have some degree of flexibility in deciding which challenges are undertaken.
The challenges includes (subject to change as the challenge program evolves).
•    Written challenges: additional difficult exercises in courses
•    Internship in three research groups
•    Presentations: talk on internship at the yearly CiC meeting
•    Participation in scientific meetings (Aarhus Winter Meeting in chemistry)
•    Teaching of other students (study cafe)
•    Additional work on projects such as the B.Sc. work
The challenges are evaluated on a passed/failed basis, but the students are expected to deliver at the highest level throughout.
Important Rules:  
Students can only be part of the challenges program as long as they continue to perform excellent within the standard course program. We recommend that students do not use time on the challenge program unless their performance (including grades) are well above average.
The students that succeed all they way through the program will have a statement on this on their final B.Sc. certificate and a separate certificate will be achieved.