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      2017.02.13 | Education

      Do you forward your AU emails to your private email account?

      Although it is possible to forward your AU emails, we cannot guarantee that all emails will go through. Instead, we recommend that you configure your private email account to import your AU emails.

      2017.01.26 | Education

      Don't forget to register for re-examination

      If you failed an exam during the ordinary examination period in December/January, you can register for the re-examination immediately after, i.e. in February 2017. Please be aware that you must register for the re-exam at the Student self-service portal, To see the deadlines - click the headline.

      2017.01.05 | Education

      Breakdowns in Digital Exam

      It has not been possible to upload assignments for Digital Exams during the afternoon of Thursday 5 January due to breakdowns in Digital Exam.

      2016.10.03 | Education

      Change of CPR number

      If you have been registered under a temporary CPR number, please inform us, when you recieve your new (danish) number.


      Wed 08 Mar
      19:30-21:00 | Preben Hornungstuen, Studenterhuset Ndr Ringgade 3, 8200 Aarhus N (Eingang auch Frederik Nielsens Vej)
      Lesung: Katrin Behr
      Autorin von `Entrissen´
      Mon 24 Apr
      19:30-11:35 | Mødelokale 2, Studenterhuset. Ndr. Ringgade 3, 8200 Aarhus N (Eingang auch Frederik Nielsens vej)
      Lesung: Matthias Politycki
      Eintritt frei
      Mon 04 Sep
      09:00-20:00 | Aarhus Theatre
      Creative Tastebuds: Exploring How Brain and Culture Collaborate on Taste
      By confronting natural and human sciences, this symposium raises new questions about taste. We invite the audience to wonder with us: what are the connections between culture and brain when it comes to taste?


      Photo: Azra Mujacic.

      2017.01.31 | Students

      New exchange students on a treasure hunt

      The new exchange students for the spring semester of 2017 had an intro day at the Faculty of Arts on Friday 27 January, with a treasure hunt, sandwiches, soft drinks and Danish liquorice

      Photo: Colourbox.

      2016.11.22 | Students

      New parking rules at Trøjborgvej, Tåsingegade and the Nobel Park

      From 28 November 2016, new parking rules will be introduced for Trøjborgvej, Tåsingegade and the Nobel Park.

      2016.11.15 | Students

      Study Center Arts in Tåsingegade has moved upwards in the building

      Find the counsellors on the second floor in room 212 - it is right above the cafeteria, but two flights up. Please just follow the signs ...