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      2018.09.14 | Education

      Registration for re-exam i February

      If you are taking a re-exam in February - becauce you postponed your second attempt or are going to use your third - you must register no later than 28 September. See: 'Re-examination in one of the following semesters'.

      2017.09.07 | Education

      Remember the application deadline for exchange agreements 15 September

      Are you planning to go on exchanges through AU's agreements in the spring semester 2018? Then you must be aware that you need to submit your application for  in AU GO no later than September 15.  Find more information about deadlines and how to apply

      2018.06.13 | Education

      Introductory week 2018

      The introductory week will take place in week 35 (27-31 august). Pages about study start at the individual study programmes will be updated continually - keep an eye on your study programme at

      2018.06.07 | Education

      Don't forget to apply for SU for your Master’s degree programme

      The Bachelor’s and the Master’s degree programmes are two separate programmes, and you therefore have to apply for SU for your Master’s degree programme.


      Tue 25 Sep
      13:00-15:00 | Nobelparken, bygning 1483, lokale 344
      StuDIY: Akademisk Argumentation
      StuDIY - Akademisk argumentation handler bl.a. om: Toulmins argumentmodel. Argumentet som den røde tråd i hele opgaven & Argumentet i det enkelte afsnit.
      Tue 09 Oct
      13:00-15:00 | Nobelparken, bygning 1483, lokale 454
      StuDIY: Problemformulering
      StuDIY - Problemformulering handler bl.a. om: Hele opgaven i én problemformulering. Problemformuleringens rolle i opgaveprocessen og i den endelige opgave. Afgrænsning af problemformulering samt Problemformuleringens indhold og form.
      Mon 22 Oct
      13:00-15:00 | Nobelparken, bygning 1483, lokale 454
      StuDIY: Synopsis
      StuDIY - Synopsis handler bl.a. om: Mundtlig eksamen med synopsis. Pentagon-modellen samt Synopsens disposition.
      Tue 06 Nov
      13:00-15:00 | Nobelparken, bygning 1451, lokale 219
      StuDIY: Analyse
      StuDIY - Analyse handler bl.a. om: Analysens enkeltdele. Fortolkning i analysen. Diskussion samt Analysestrategi.


      2018.01.24 | Students

      International conference on the future of the welfare state

      MatchPoints Seminar 2018 24 to 26 May is hosted by Aarhus University and Aarhus Municipality. Meet James Heckman, American winner of the Nobel Prize, and the two robots Norma and Silbot.

      2018.01.23 | Students, Arts

      StuDIY - forår 2018

      Vil du gerne blive mere skarp til akademisk formidling generelt? Så er StuDIY noget for dig. StuDIY er en sammenskrivning af ”Study” og ”Do It Yourself”. Og er for studerende under Arts, Aarhus. Husk tilmelding.

      2017.11.23 | Students

      The results of the university elections 2017

      See the results of this year’s university elections in which all students could cast their votes for new student representatives on the AU Board, the academic councils and the boards of studies, while PhD students could elect new representatives for AU’s PhD committees as well. This year, members of academic staff could also vote for…

      Find more pictures from the introductory week at the Faculty of Arts at #artsstudiestart



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