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      2017.11.13 | Education

      The Choice is yours - Vote in the University Elections today

      Use your right to vote and influence which candidates will become members of your local board of studies, academic councils, PhD committees and the AU board. The deadline to vote is Thursday 16 November at 16:00.

      2017.10.26 | Education

      Book class- and group rooms through Resource Booker

      From Tuesday October 31, it will be possible for students at Arts to book class- and group rooms at Resource Booker is an upgrade from our current Web Room Booking, which shuts down from this date.

      2017.10.25 | Education

      Registration for courses and exams i the spring

      In the period 1 to 5 November you can register or withdraw from teaching and exams in the spring semester. You are registered for compulsory teaching and corresponding exams, but it is a good idea to ensure that you are registered correctly for teaching and exams before the end of the registration period.

      2017.10.25 | Education

      Applying for a thesis supervisor

      1 November i deadline for applying for a thesis supervisor i you are student at DPU and writing your thesis in spring 2018 or if you are studying at CC or CAS and wrinting your thesis i fall 2018.


      Thu 23 Nov
      10:00-12:00 | Nobelparken, bygning 1451, lokale 219
      StuDIY - Akademisk sprog
      handler bla. om: Genrekrav til akademiske opgaver. Videnskabeligt, klart og korrekt sprog og Metakommunikation. Husk tilmelding senest 21/11
      Thu 18 Jan
      12:15-16:00 | Campus Aarhus, Building 1441, Room 010, Tåsingegade 3, 8000 Århus C
      Seminar in literature searches and reference handling for English speaking Master's Thesis writers
      Do you need help in searching for literature for your thesis? Do you need help in handling sources and references?


      2017.11.17 | Arts, Students

      Is anyBUDDY out there?

      Do you want to welcome international students and help them with adjusting to Aarhus? All while improving your language skills and doing some very cosy volunteer work? Then we need you as a Buddy for our international students!

      2017.11.14 | Arts, Students, Course, Workshop

      Skal du undervise i foråret 2018?

      kan du komme på Pædagogisk Grundkursus for Instruktorer. Kurset er henvendt til instruktorer, hvis ansættelse er under Arts, Aarhus Universitet. Kurset består af 7 studieaktivitetstimer fordelt på 3 kursusgange, samt online-aktiviteter, 2 timer. Tilmeldingsfrist: senest 18/1-2018.

      2017.09.12 | Students

      Closing days autumn and christmas

      Study Center Arts, Guidance at AU, The Special Educational Support (SPS), and the Danish Student grants Office are closed in the autumn and christmas vacations.

      Find more pictures from the introductory week at the Faculty of Arts at #artsstudiestart



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