Reading and writing difficulties

If you are dyslexic, you have the opportunity to receive support to help your reading – and writing difficulties. To receive this support, you need to have documentation about your dyslexia. The documentation would usually be your result from a dyslexia test. If you suspect that you might be dyslexic, we can help you with getting a test done. If you have already been tested, but you are not sure about your test results, you are welcome to contact us to hear more about your options for educational support.

If you are a new student at Aarhus University, you need to contact us, even if you have received support to help your reading – and writing difficulties during your prior education.

Categorization of dyslexia

Dyslexia is a specific form of reading – and writing difficulties, which is does not relate to intelligence or other learning conditions. Dyslexia hits all types of people, independent of age, motivation, and educational level. Dyslexia stems from a difference in brain areas associated with processing the sounds of language and can be hereditary.

Typical signs of dyslexia

  • You read slowly or imprecisely.
  • You have difficulties concentrating and /or become tired when reading and writing.
  • You have difficulties spelling long words.
  • You have difficulties with expressing yourself precisely in writing.
  • You have difficulties with reading and learning new words.
  • You have difficulties reading and understanding academic texts.
  • You have difficulties reading in foreign languages.

Many students do not figure out they are dyslexic until they start at the university.

Support options

  • IT-programs which helps you read aloud your academic texts and helps with your spelling when writing.
  • Educational support from a reading – and writing counsellor. You will meet individually with your counsellor, and you will work together with developing strategies to handle your reading – and writing assignments during your education.
  • Access to Notas Studieservice. Here you can find your academic books in an available format, e.g., pdf files that can be read aloud using your IT-program.
  • As a dyslexic you also have the opportunity to prolong the time to have to finish your exams. You must apply for a dispensation at your board of studies. You can find a guide to how you apply for a dispensation here.

Do you have a “yellow” test result from a former dyslexia test?

If you have been tested for dyslexia and your results lies in the “yellow category” you might have been told that you did not have the right to apply for educational support during your secondary education. The rules at the university is a bit different, and you do have the opportunity to apply for support with a yellow test result. Please contact us to hear more about your options for educational support, and to apply for the support.