Examination schedules

Important information about the examination schedule

  • It is important that you check the exam schedule regularly for updates. Special circumstances can cause necessary changes in the schedule.
  • If you and a fellow student want to swap places in the examination order, you have to inform your lecturer of any changes. The Exam Office does not handle changes in the examination order.

When can you see your exams in WISEflow?

The exams will be visible no later than 10 days prior to the exam.

If your exam is a project or conducted as a group exam, you can see the final examination order no later than 14 days prior to the exam.

In the menu, you can find important information regarding start times, aids, exam cheating, WISEflow, illness etc.

Has your exam registration been rejected?

Unfortunately some of the exam registrations are incorrectly rejected in the system - for example if you have signed up for a reexam after having attended the ordinary exam last year.

This problem is being taken care of, and if the concerned exam is included in your Bachelor's or Master's contract, which have been approved, you do not need to worry. You do not have to contact the Study Administration; we will let you know if there are any problems with your rejected registration.


Please send any questions from your AU-mail to Studieservice.Nat-Tech@au.dk


The course coordinator if it's regarding the exam form in question.

The Exam Office if it's regarding the exam schedule, e.g. overlaps of exams: