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      2019.08.15 | Education

      Don't forget the application deadline for exchange agreements 15 September

      Are you planning to go on exchanges through AU's agreements in the spring semester 2020? Then you must be aware that you need to submit your application for in AU GO no later than September 15.

      2019.06.20 | Education

      Introductory week

      Introductory week for new students is the last week in August ( 26 to 30 August). Find your programme at the Introductory week-page.

      2019.06.10 | Education

      If you are going to re-exam in August, don't forget to register

      If you don't pass the ordinary exam this summer, you can register for the re-exam that takes place immediately afterwards. Typically in August. See deadline for application and exam date in your exam plan.

      2019.06.06 | Education

      Summer vacation in Study Centre Arts

      The Study centre is closed for personal and telephone enquiries 4. – 31 July. We will answer emails throughout the closing period, but case handling will not take place. Questions that requires case handling will be answered in August.


      Thu 29 Aug
      15:00-17:00 | Jens Chr. Skous Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C, Danmark
      Arts Exchange Meet and Greet
      Join our Meet and Greet event for exchange students!


      2019.06.28 | Students

      Have you been using a locker in Nobelparken?

      If you have, you must empty your locker no later than July 8.

      2019.02.05 | Students

      What you need to do in order to comply with GDPR when using other people’s personal data in assignments

      If you collect personal data on others for use in an assignment, you must comply with the personal data protection rules in the GDPR. They can get help from a new GDPR website for students.

      2019.01.31 | Students

      Seminar: How do we create a more sustainable AU?

      Would you like to contribute to developing sustainable initiatives at AU? Join us for a sustainability seminar 21 March. The programme includes inspirational talks, a short presentation of existing sustainable solutions at AU as well as a brainstorm session on ideas for new sustainable solutions. All interested employees and students are welcome.

      Find more pictures from the introductory week at the Faculty of Arts at #artsstudiestart



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