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2021.02.22 | Education

Changed deadlines for registration for re-exams

If you still need to pass courses from previous semesters and plan to take a re-examination in the summer, please be aware that the deadline for registration can have changed.

2021.01.25 | Education

Application deadline for AU Masters' Degree: 1 March

If you plan to start a master's degree in september 2021, don't forget the application deadline 1st of March. Please note that special deadlines can apply if you are a non-EU/EEA, non-Swiss or British citizen.

2021.02.16 | Education

AU abolishes the study progress requirement of 45 ECTS per academic year

From 1 February 2021, the study progress requirement of passing 45 ECTS per academic year has been abolished for all degree programmes at AU. At the same time, AU’s senior management team has decided to maintain a number of other rules for study progress.

2021.02.03 | Education

A new tool will help you spot phishing emails

Phishing is a serious threat to information security at Aarhus University. On Monday, a new tool will be launched that will help students spot phishing emails.


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2021.03.03 | Students

Study environment under pressure after tough year

The social study environment is suffering, and students are struggling to stay interested in academics. This is one of the major conclusions of last autumn's AU-wide study environment survey, which also indicates that the students are generally very satisfied with their degree programmes and the academic study environment at Aarhus University.…

2021.02.25 | Students

68 new climate initiatives will pave the way for a greener university

A green year has begun. At least at AU, where 68 new climate initiatives will contribute to the university’s green transition.

2021.02.15 | Students, Staff

Student wellbeing during the corona pandemic

The Faculty of Arts wants to inject new life into its student clubs and societies. The aim is to help ensure student wellbeing not only now, but also after the pandemic. The faculty has appointed a wellbeing coordinator who will work with the students to give these activities a boost.