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      2019.10.11 | Education

      Make a difference - stand for the university elections

      In November, elections will be held at AU. You can vote for the candidate you want to represent you or you can stand for election yourself to the AU Board, academic councils, boards of studies and PhD committees. If you would like to put your name forward for election, you can do so from 17 October until 25 October.

      2019.10.04 | Education


      On 2 October, a number of students and employees received a phishing email from the email address trying to persuade the recipient into revealing their password.

      2019.10.02 | Education

      Application for Arts Travel Grant

      If you are going abroad in your spring semester, you can apply for financial support through the Arts Travel Grant. The application deadline is November 1. It is important, that you meet the deadline even though you have not yet received your pre-approval.

      2019.09.25 | Education

      Copyright - photocopying, sharing and scanning

      Do you know whether you are allowed to share, copy or scan texts and images? If not - and you don't want to do somethig illegal - read more the AU Library website.


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      2019.06.28 | Students

      Have you been using a locker in Nobelparken?

      If you have, you must empty your locker no later than July 8.

      2019.02.05 | Students

      What you need to do in order to comply with GDPR when using other people’s personal data in assignments

      If you collect personal data on others for use in an assignment, you must comply with the personal data protection rules in the GDPR. They can get help from a new GDPR website for students.

      2019.01.31 | Students

      Seminar: How do we create a more sustainable AU?

      Would you like to contribute to developing sustainable initiatives at AU? Join us for a sustainability seminar 21 March. The programme includes inspirational talks, a short presentation of existing sustainable solutions at AU as well as a brainstorm session on ideas for new sustainable solutions. All interested employees and students are welcome.

      Find more pictures from the introductory week at the Faculty of Arts at #artsstudiestart



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