Career Guidance

Are you a student at Faculty of Arts at Aarhus University?

Arts Karriere offers individual career counselling 

At the career counselling in Aarhus you will meet career counsellors from Jobcenter Aarhus and Jobcenter Skanderborg.

In Emdrup you can talk to our own career consultants, Maria Solhøj Madsen and Marianne Lemming.

Have you finished your degree?

As a graduate, you can get guidance from Jobcenters and A-kasser.

Career counselling in Aarhus

Are you a student at Arts? Book your appointment by the link below. In the registration, you can choose wether the career counselling should take place in person or by telephone/online.

Career counselling in Emdrup

Are you a student in Emdrup? Book your appointment by the link below. 

We offer career counselling via Zoom and physical attendance at campus Emdrup. Wether the career counselling is online or physical will be apparent from the day you choose. 

The career counsellor will send you a Zoom-link if you choose a day with online career counselling.

Choise of programme, subjects or career counselling for PhDs?

Do you want to talk about your choice of Master's degree programme or subjects? Contact student counselling at Arts. 

Are you a PhD student? Contact AU Career PhD & JR for career counselling

Do you want to talk about your opportunities or application for a PhD? Contact your academic supervisor.

If you can't find an avaliable time, you are welcome to sign up for the waiting list in the booking system. Then we will contact you as soon as possible. 

You can talk with the career counsellors about:  

  • What job opportunities do I have with my degree? 
  • How do I get a relevant student job?
  • How do I describe my competences?
  • How do I get an exciting internship?
  • How do I write a good CV and cover letter? 
  • And other questions about your career and future job

The Career counsellors offers guidance about:

  • Career planning
  • The labor market 
  • Student job, internship and the first job after graduation 
  • Your competences / what you can offer 
  • Feedback on CV and cover letter 
  • Job interview
  • Contact with companies
  • Network and LinkedIn