IV Electives

The internationalisation elective gives you the opportunity to use a foreign language in an academic setting and work with an academic theme within the humanities.

You will learn to work academically in an interdisciplinary teaching environment which will give you an interdisciplinary perspective on your own field of study.

The IV electives are offered in both the autumn and the spring semester. If you are in doubt about when you are supposed to take IV electives, then check your academic regulations on mystudies.au.dk.

Below you will find information about the IV electives. Remember to check the different deadlines via the links below.

IV electives offered

You can find the range of IV electives offered and read more about their academic content in the course catalogue:

Registration for IV electives

You will not be automatically registered for IV electives. Therefore, you have to register/state your four priorities via the Student Self-Service (STADS) system yourself during the registration period.

Your registration is binding after the registration deadline. You will no longer be able to withdraw from or change your IV elective.

See the registration deadlines here: Registering for courses and exams

Distribution of IV electives

Please note that certain IV electives have a limited number of places and that IV electives only will be established if a sufficient number of students register for them. Therefore, it is important that you choose four IV electives and prioritise them according to your preferences. If there are more applicants than places, the places will be allocated by drawing lots.

When will I know which IV elective I have been given?

Places are distributed after the registration deadline. Once you have been allocated a place, the IV elective will appear in the Student Self-Service system with the status “Plads”. Until then, the IV electives will appear with the status “pending”. 

If you do not get a place on one of your priorities

If you do not get a place on one of the four IV electives you have chosen, it is either due to a lack of places or because the IV elective has been cancelled. In that case, you will be contacted with a view to choosing a new IV elective among the ones that still have vacant places.


Advance approval and credit transfer

As a student at the Faculty of Arts, you have the opportunity to replace one or more courses/modules in your degree programme with a course/module from a different degree programme at Aarhus University or another university in Denmark or abroad.

Before you can apply for admission to a course/module outside your degree programme, you must get an advance approval.

Read more here: Prior approval and credit transfer

Questions and contact

If you have any questions regarding the internationalisation elective, you can contact Study Centre Arts.