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2020.07.09 | Education

Are you taking elective courses on the 1st semester of your Master's degree programme? Remember to register 5 to 10 August

On some master's degree programmes and Master's supplementary subject there are elective courses on the 1st semester. If this applies to your Master's degree programme, you must register/state your priority via the Student Self-service system (STADS) in the period 5 to 10 August.

2020.07.06 | Education

Greeting from the Vice-dean with information about teaching in the autumn semester 2020

The Vice-Dean for Education, Niels Lehmann, informs about how the teaching will be held at the faculty of Arts in the autumn of 2020

2020.07.01 | Education

The Study Center and the student councellors are closing for the summer

Study Center Arts is closed 6 to 31 July - the student counsellors are closing 1 to 31 July.

2020.06.24 | Education

Reopening of communal facilities for students in Arts buildings

From Monday 29 June 2020, you can once again use the communal facilities at Arts, such as libraries, study areas, reading rooms and group rooms. The doors will be open between 7:30 and 17:00 – outside these hours, you must use your key card.

2020.06.22 | Education

When will I receive my exam certificate

You will receive your certificate within two months after the announce­ment of the result of your final exam (July is not included).

2020.06.16 | Education

Project placements i Autumn 2020

Although the situation for Autumn 2020 remains uncertain, most students will be able to carry out an agreed project placement. For some it will be necessary to adjust the project placement and the agreement.

2020.06.09 | Education

Registering for re-examinations in August, and changes in the re-examinations offered from autumn 2020 onwards

If you need to take re-examinations in this semester’s courses, please check the registration deadline and register for them using the self-service system. Students on Bachelor’s degree programmes: please note that there are going to be changes in the re-examinations offered from the autumn of 2020 onwards.

2020.06.02 | Education

Study Center Arts in Aarhus and Emdrup has reopened the phones

The Study centres are still closed for personal attendance, but you can call us or send us an e-mail.

2020.05.29 | Education

Reopening: The faculty of Arts is sticking to the exam plans that have already been announced

To avoid any further uncertainty about exams during the corona crisis, and to ensure that the students now do the exams for which they have been preparing over the past couple of months, the faculty is sticking to the exam plans that have already been announced during phase two of the reopening process.

2020.05.27 | Education

Reopening: Guidelines for teaching and exams with physical attendance

In connection with the reopening of the university, students on selected courses and exams have been given the opportunity to complete their courses and take exams with a physical presence In this connection, some guidelines have been drawn up that you need to know before you attend the university.

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