Transition from student to employee

We highly encourage international students to stay and work in Denmark after graduation. Understanding the application process, establishing a network, and knowing the Danish work culture can be difficult. Therefore, we encourage you to use this website and participate in the workshops that assist you in preparing for life after graduation.


Once you have graduated you may think that you will be on you own, but there at a lot of people and associations who are interested in helping you find a job – although we at the university can only help you out while you are studying. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Aarhus Kommune Jobcenter, A-kasse, and Trade Unions – but remember, finding a job is your responsibility. 

Work in Denmark has developed four e-learning modules about working in Denmark; job search, how to approch companies, use LinkedIn and the Danish work culture. You can find them here:

How to prepare for life after graduation – want to know more?  

AU is running a session focused on the job-hunting process and preparing for life after graduation. You can find the next date for the session and sign up in the event calendar.