Average mark calculation

Your overall average mark is calculated as a so-called weighted average. The weighted average is the overall average of all your grades relative to the ECTS weighting of the courses you have completed.

To calculate the weighted average for your programme or parts of your programme, you begin by multiplying all the grades you have earned in the period for which you want to calculate the average with the number of ECTS points that each course is equivalent to. Then you add up the results and divide that number with the number of ECTS points that the given period is equivalent to.


Example of a weighted average mark calculation:

Course 1


Mark  10

Weight 150

Course 2


Mark  02

Weight 30

Course 3


Mark    4

Weight 80

Course 4


Mark    7

Weight 70

  • Total of weights: 150+30+80+70 = 330

  • ECTS credits for the chosen period: 15+15+20+10 = 60

  • Weighted average mark: 330/60 = 5,5