Abbreviations in STADS

In the following, you will find an explanation of the abbreviations, that are used in the studies administration self-service facility (STADS) and examples of when the abbreviations are being used. 

U means absent.
Examples: The student fails to show up for the oral or written exam or the student fails to submit an exam paper through Wiseflow. 

FE means left exam.
Examples: The student draws a question, but does not want to be examined.
The student uploades a “blank paper” in Wiseflow during an exam. 

BF means used attempt.
Examples: The exam paper does not meet the requirement of individualization or other requirements cf. the academic regulations of the study programme.
The student does not meet the prerequisite requirements for attending an exam.

I means not passed.
Examples: The student fails to turn up at all. The student does not participate to the required extend.

DF means failed prerequisite.
Example: Prerequisite requirements to attending the exam/re-exam are not met.