Checklist for new students

It is a good idea to do these things before you start

  1. Make sure that you have access to AU's online self-service system
  2. Find your student registration number – please do this before the introduction week as you will need it during the week and through your entire degree programme. You can find your student registration number at, under the menu item ‘Personal information’.
  3. Make sure that you have access to AU’s online learning system Brightspace.
  4. Make sure that you have access to your AU email account, where you will receive important information from the university.
  5. Order your student ID card via (your student ID card will let you access buildings outside opening hours, gives you student discount various places etc.).
  6. Make sure to check out the introduction week website above – and do so on a regular basis up until the introduction week, as changes to the programme may occur.
  7. Create a user account at AU Library