Bachelor Introduction Week

Welcome to Aarhus BSS
Department of Business Development and Technology

Welcome to
Aarhus BSS

Department of Business Development and Technology

Welcome to your degree programme in Herning

As a new student, the first thing you need to do is to confirm your student place (after receiving your letter of admission)! 

On this page, you will find all the information relevant to your introduction week and commencement of studies

Please stay informed on this page until the introduction week, as the schedules, programmes etc. might change. Find specific information for your degree programme under "Programme for your introduction week".


  • For questions about the introduction week,
    please contact Mette Bak Odder at

  • For questions about your degree programme,
    please contact the student counsellors

Virtual introduction

Welcome to Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University, campus Herning

Welcome by the Dean

Welcome to Aarhus BSS  Aarhus University’s School of Business and Social Sciences

The Dean at Aarhus BSS, Thomas Pallesen, welcomes you as a new student at Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Aarhus BSS (School of Business and Social Sciences).

Aarhus BSS is one of the five faculties at Aarhus University. The school unites the core research areas of business and social sciences, encompassing disciplines such as economics, business administration, business technology, law, political science and psychology.

Our degree programmes are among the absolute best according to the most recognised international ranking lists. This position requires that we set our standards high when it comes to our research and teaching, and that we provide our highly-skilled graduates with strong competencies that allow them to carry out a broad range of job functions on the labour market – in Denmark as well as internationally. We are keen to ensure a vibrant and inspiring study environment as the framework for our degree programmes, both in terms of social life and academic outcome.

We are happy to be able to welcome our students on campus and will do our best to give you a great start to your new life as a student, at the same time taking into consideration the conditions we are all currently operating under. Your life as a student is not just about the academic content of your degree programme, but about all the human and social experiences that come with being a student. We do not yet know the framework for the autumn semester, but there is cause for optimism due to the vaccination programme and similar initiatives.

As a student at Aarhus BSS, you will benefit from all the possibilities that come with being part of a large international business school with many academic fields of research.

You will become part of an international environment and will be taught by lecturers that are among the world’s leading researchers within their specific academic fields. Another of our core tasks is to nurture our relations with the world around us – particularly with local companies and organisations in order to create good opportunities for you as a student. You can benefit from these close relations whether you want to become an intern or want to establish contact with a future employer in other ways.

I wish you the best of luck in the future. I am very pleased that you have chosen to be a student at Aarhus BSS, and I am convinced that it will prepare you well for the future.

Best regards

Thomas Pallesen
Dean, Aarhus BSS

Welcome by the Directors of studies

A new chapter of your life begins when you start studying at a university. For a while, you might lose orientation in academic challenges and new relations. You might experience doubts because the academic demands are a bit confusing in the beginning and your expectations to the study environment do not match your actual experiences. Such a feeling is to be expected as the university environment is different from the high school environment. That is also our motivation for arranging an exciting programme for you during the introduction week. We would like to give you a head start so you are looking forward to the academic challenges and the new relations. You will be part of an academic community: You are no longer a pupil – you are a student. Not only will you gain new knowledge, you will also learn how to produce new knowledge.

We hope that, besides developing your academic skills, you will be happy every day in your future study life.

Kind regards, the Directors of studies.

Welcome by the Head of department

Welcome to the Department of Business Development and Technology.

Whether you have chosen us because you are interested in business, technology or both, you have come to the right place. During your studies, you will be collaborating closely with companies, and you will get the chance to work with the latest technology. Perhaps you will also set up your own company in Business Factory.

There are many possibilities, but one thing is certain - you will be working with problems and issues that will prepare you for the labour market and a good job. Our dedicated lecturers and researchers all have considerable experience with business development and technology. Every day, they move the research frontier and contribute to the development of companies. The close collaboration with businesses and the technological development allow us to offer you a high-quality degree programme - in the classroom, in the
lab and in your project work. Before long, you will be part of this too.

We look forward to welcoming you in Herning.

Best regards,
Anders Frederiksen
Professor and Head of the Department of
Business Development and Technology

Programme for your introduction week

Please choose your new degree programme below.

Two rather big events will be held in relation to the introduction week. Please reserve the following dates in your calendar:

  • Freshmen day 27 August (Friday in the introduction week)
  • Freshmen trip - 18-19 September

Visit the freshmen website and read all about the activities and get your tickets Students in Herning.

Please note: We will be taking all the necessary precuations in relation to covid-19. This also means that programmes and events may change, so please stay updated at this website.

There is an alcohol policy for the introduction week at Aarhus BSS to ensure that all activities are held in a responsible way. Read the alcohol policy here.

Global Management and Manufacturing

Programme for the Introduction Week

The commencement of studies begins with an introduction week, giving you the chance to get to know your fellow students. Your introduction week at GMM starts Tuesday 24 August 2021. We encourage everyone to participate in the introduction week as it is a great opportunity to meet your fellow new students.

See the entire programme

Tuesday 24 AugustActivityWhere
8.00-9.30Welcome to new students and breakfast2036
9.30-10.15Presentation by John Bang - Head of GMM2036
10.15-11.00Game/Social activity2036
11.10-12.00Teacher presentation w. Robert Alphinas, Mathematics2036
12.30-13.30Tour de Campus - walk around2036


Library presentation + printer intro2036
14.00-14.20Presentation by Mette Odder, Student counselor2036
14.30-15.00Game/Social activity2036
15.00-15.30Catch up2036
8.30-9.00 Welcome back - energizing game (Spaghetti spil)2036

IT introduction w. IT supporters

Digital platforms (bring your computers & create user for beforehand)
10.00-10.45 GMM association w. Yunis Wirkus 2036
10.45-11.00 Break 2036
11.00-11.40 Presentation from former GMM student at current Master student (Vera Petersen) 2036
11.40-12.00 Presentation of SAA w. Jesper Schlæger 2036
12.30-13.00Quiz 2036
13.00-13.30 Digital lab presentation w. Matteo Campinoti 2036


Innovatorium + Business factory presentation w. Søren 2036

Teacher Presentation w. Michail Beliatis

Enabling Technology: Digitalization of Manufacturing
14.30-15.00 Catch up 2036
Thursday 26 AugustActivityWhere
9.15-11.00Game/Social activity3105
11.00-11.20 “How to uni”
Tips & good advice

Teacher presentation w. John Vestergaard


Teacher presentation w. John Vestergaard

13.05-13.30 Career John, CV council and Job Bank 3105
13.30-14.00 Studying in Denmark – Danish Official Processes 3105

Teacher Presentation w. Sudipa Sarker

Supply Chain Management & Purchasing


Teacher Presentation w. John Bang Mathiasen

Operations & Quality Management 1 + 2

New Product introduction

Company Related Projects
15.30-16.00Catch up3105
16.30-20.00BBQ and networking at the Student House
(After 20.00 - party at SH)
Student House
Friday 27 AugustAcitivityWhere
9.00-9.30Welcome bach3105
9.30-10.30How to find and start a CRP
(presentation of team coaches)
10.30-11.30Graduate presentation3105
11.30-12.00Catch up and questions3105
12.00Freshmen Day

Getting there

On the first day we meet at Birk Centerpark 15, 7400 Herning.

We will be ready to welcome you!

See map

Classes and book list

Classes usually start in the first week of September and the first week of Febrary. However, it is important that you always check your timetables here at your Study Portal to get the precise dates of classes.

The introduction week usually takes place in the week before classes starts. During the introduction week you will receive more information about classes and timetables.

Book list
You can find a list of the books you need for your first semester.

Follow GMM online and on Facebook

New students can join a GMM Facebook group. Please ask to become a member of the group: GMM 2021.

The GMM students have an association. Join it on Facebook and/or take a look at the website for the GMM Association.

Economics and Business Administration, BSc(B) & top-up

Programme for your Introduction Week

The commencement of studies begins with an introduction week, giving you the chance to get to know your fellow students. Your introduction week at BSc(B) starts Tuesday 24 August 2021. Once the programme is ready, you can find it below. We encourage everyone to participate in the introduction week as it is a great opportunity to meet your fellow new students.

  • Please bring your laptop for the introduction week

See the entire programme

Tuesday 24 AugustRoom
8.00-8.30Arrival and Registration3005
8:30-9:00Official welcome 3005
9:00-9:15General info about Intro-week 3005
9:15-10:00Introduction games - get to know each other 3005
10:00-10:20Breakfast "Hygge" + Mingle 3005
10:20 - 11:00Student Activity Association + FridayBar 3005
11:00-12:00Game/Social activities 3005
12:00 - 12:15Lunch 3005
12:15-13:00Campus Tour 3005
13:05-13:45Aarhus BSS Career (John Hansen) 3005
13:45-14:00Break 3005
14:00-15:00 Game/Social activities 3005
15:00-15:15Reflection and Finish the day 3005
Wednesday 25 AugustRoom
8:00-8:45Intro to Study Groups 3005
8:45-9:00Break 3005
9:00-9:45Intro to mathematics 3005
9:45-10:00Break 3005
10:00-10:45Continuation mathematics 3005
10:45-11:00Break 3005
11:15-12:15Intro to IT 3005
12:15-12.30Lunch 3005
12:30-13:30Sociale activities/Games 3005
13:35-14:15"Survival Talk"3005
14:15-14:30Reflection on second day and Finish 3005
Thursday 26 AugustRoom
8.15-9.00Intro to Organisational Behaviour3005
9:00-9:15Break 3005
9:15-10:00Organisational Behaviour continued 3005
10:00-11:15Social activities/Games 3005
11:20-12:05Intro to Statistics2002
12:20-13:05Statistics continued2002
13:05-13:20Break 3005
13:20-14:00Alumne tak by Louis Junker-Jensen 3005
14:00-16:30??Student HouseStudent House

Getting there

On the first day, we meet at the reception/entrance at Birk Centerpark 15, 7400 Herning.

We will be ready to welcome you to your new degree programme!

See map

Classes and book list

Classes usually start in the first week of September and the first week of Feburary. However, it is important that you always check your timetables here at your Study Portal to get the precise dates of classes.

The introduction week usually takes place in the week before classes starts. During the introduction week you will receive more information about classes and timetables.

Book list
You can find a list of the books you need for your first semester.

BScB on Facebook

New students are encouraged to join the facebook-group 'BScB 2021' before commencement of studies. The Facebook group is used for informal communication and you can ask questions to elder students.

Getting started at BTECH, Aarhus BSS

How to stay informed is your single point of access to study information and self-service systems, providing you with a personalised overview of your courses, timetable, announcements and events. It also gives you direct access to other platforms such as the Student Self-Service and Brightspace. You can use on your phone or tablet as well, and you only need to log on once to gain access to everything.


Brightspace is a learning management system, providing teaching staff and students with one shared online platform. The platform supports easy access to group work and lets you send and receive messages. This is where your lecturer will inform you about changes to the timetable and upload teaching materials. Therefore, it is important that you check Brightspace often. (Brightspace is new at Aarhus University and replaces the former learning management system Blackboard)


The study portal
The study portal is the website where you are currently reading this. You can find all official information and procedures via the menu on the left, e.g. academic regulations, student counselling, exam schedules and rules, everything related to your study environment, as well as news and events for you as a student. We encourage you to check the study portal if you need information about your degree programme.


Your AU email
All students at Aarhus University will receive an AU email address ( It is important that you use this email address when you write to the Student Counsellors' Office or similar recipients. It is also important that you check your AU email, as Aarhus University might send you important information.

Help and guidance

Student Counsellors' Office
You are always welcome at the Student Counsellors' Office with questions regarding your life as a student. We are happy to answer any study-related questions about exams, rules and requirements, leave of absence, parental leave, study planning, dispensations, social well-being or if you are going through a rough patch in your studies. At the Student Counsellors' Office, we have a duty of confidentiality. This means that everything you tell us will remain confidential.

Aarhus BSS Student Services 
Aarhus BSS Student Services offers help and guidance on any practical and administrative questions you might have in relation to your studies. Among other things, we can guide you on how to submit assignments, print transcripts of your grades, verify that you are actively enrolled, register for courses and exams, and apply for exemption.

Get career counselling and event invitations
You are always welcome for an informal talk with your career counsellor. The subject can be everything from student jobs to your future work life. If you join our alumni network, you will also receive invitations to relevant events throughout your studies.

Help to go study abroad
During your degree programme, it is possible to study abroad. Spending a semester abroad is sure to give you lots of great experiences – personally and academically. Aarhus BSS International is ready to help and guide you through the entire exchange process. You will be introduced to your exchange options in more detail during your degree programme.

Som studerende på BTECH er du altid velkommen til at tage en snak med studenterpræsten, hvis der er noget du har brug for at tale om. Studenterpræsten er præst i den danske folkekirke og har som sådan fuld tavshedspligt. Al henvendelse er anonym og gratis, og en kristen overbevisning er ikke en forudsætning for at henvende sig.

IT support, the bookstore and the library

AU Library

At AU Library, we offer you:

  • Online as well as physical access to a vast amount of academic information and literature
  • Areas for studying independently as well as rooms for working in groups
  • Teaching and guidance to help strengthen your information literacy skills
  • Assistance in searching for, finding, assessing and organising academic information and literature


At the library in Herning you will mainly find literature within engineering, management, marketing and economics.


IT support

IT support
IT will inevitably become an integrated part of your new life as a student at Aarhus BSS, and you are always welcome to contact the IT support. The IT department can help you with a broad range of services, including usernames and passwords, your student email and accessing the wireless network via eduroam. They also offer a number of IT-related courses. Read more about those at

Book store

Du kan købe bøger ved Stakbogladen Birk. Vi er lagerførende i alt pensumrelevant litteratur og har også supplerende litteratur. Har du ønsker, som vi ikke har på hylden, skaffer vi det selvfølgelig gerne hjem til dig. Som studerende på Aarhus Universitet i Herning får du 10 % på dine bogkøb. Stakbogladen ligger både i Aarhus og Herning.

Schedule and course descriptions

You can always find your timetables (your schedule) here at your study portal under Teaching > Timetables. Changes may occur and therefore it is important to check your timetables on a regular basis.

Course catalogue
You can find course descriptions in the course catalogue under Teaching > Course Catalogue. Here you can also find the syllabus for each course.

About Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University

Aarhus BSS is one of the five faculties at Aarhus University and home to the academic disciplines within business and social sciences. The official name is ‘Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences’, commonly referred to as Aarhus BSS.

Aarhus BSS has six departments: Department of Economics and Business Economics, Department of Political Science, Department of Management, Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, Department of Law, and Department of Business Development and Technology.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for students at Aarhus BSS aims to describe the school’s core values and expectations to student behaviour when on campus and/or when representing Aarhus BSS and Aarhus University. 

All students are expected to adhere to the values represented in this Code of Conduct.

Student life at campus

Study environment

Even though your choice of institution of higher education probably hinges on the degree programme itself, everything surrounding it is crucial for having a great time at university as well.

As a student, you should also have time for fun and socialising. At campus Herning, we focus on academic activities as well as social ones.

If you want to get involved in the study environment during your degree programme, you will have ample opportunity for doing this both on campus and outside campus.


Compared to your upper secondary school, you will notice that life as a university student requires a lot of self-discipline. You are responsible for buying your own books and study compendia and most importantly: for planning your own time. In general, the degree programme consists of two forms of teaching: lectures/classroom teaching and tutorials.

Lectures/classroom teaching
The course teacher typically uses lectures/classroom teaching to present topics and give the students an overview of a specific subject area. If you prepare by reading the material from home, you can learn a lot during the lessons, and if you are told something you do not understand, you are always welcome to ask. Remember, there are probably others who would like to ask the same question.

Tutorials are an integrated part of some degree programmes. Here, you will be taught by an older student – an instructor. The instructor cannot be compared to a teacher at upper secondary education, business colleges, or similar institutions, but it is someone who will help you improve your understanding of the subject matter. During the tutorials, you and your fellow students will take turns presenting your answers to a number of exercises prepared by your course teacher. The instructor will help you solve difficult exercises, answer questions about the syllabus, and ensure that the solutions presented in front of the class are correct.

As a student, you have to buy all books and materials yourself. Most students choose to buy their books as new copies, for example at the campus bookshop which stocks all the books that are part of the syllabus in each course. They are sold individually as well as in book packages containing all the books for the coming semester.

Study group/exam group
How to get the most out of your studies differs from student to student. It can be a good idea to form a study group with other students as this will give you an advantage both academically and socially. In some courses, working in groups is compulsory and a prerequisite for attending the exam, and this means that group work might be a necessary part of your degree programme. Being able to form relations with people you might not have chosen yourself can be great preparation for entering the labour market.

Student ID card

Your student ID card is your identity card and key card for accessing buildings at campus Herning outside normal opening hours. If you lose your student ID card, please contact the reception on campus immediately and have the card cancelled.

It is important that you order a student ID card. 

You can only receive a student ID card once you have been enrolled as a student at Aarhus University and have been assigned a student registration number. Enrolment of students takes place on an ongoing basis after admission.

Remember to follow the procedure for campus Herning.

Business Factory

Business Factory is a student incubator in Herning. Here, students can work with their own start-ups and entrepreneurial projects. In Business Factory, students from Aarhus University can borrow free office facilities, receive advice and guidance, and run their businesses while studying.

Business Factory is also a knowledge centre at the Department of Business Development and Technology, and it aims to promote a culture of innovation, enterprise and independence at the university and in the rest of the Central Denmark Region. Business Factory wants to help and inspire students to start their own company as well as develop training in entrepreneurship at a high international level.

Students from all the different degree programmes at the Department of Business Development and Technology can join Business Factory if they meet the requirements. If you are curious and want to learn more, please feel free to contact us.

Herning, a city for students

Herning wants to support the study environment throughout the city. Herning is characterised by an intimate study environment, close cooperation with the local business community, and very active associations and recreational activities.

You can find inspiration for how to get the most out of your time in Herning on the website This will give you an overview of events targeted towards students in the city, where you can get a student discount etc.

Welcome goodie bag
As a new student, you will receive a welcome bag from Herning Municipality. The bag contains various information and free tickets for e.g. sport events, theatres and museums. The idea is to give you and your fellow students a chance to have some great experiences together and get to know the city better.

Get a virtual introduction

Before you start your degree programme, you can prepare by going through Aarhus University's online introductory course Study@AU which gives you answers to several practical questions that may be nice to have in place before you show up at the university for the first time. 

This online introduction will give you insight into your degree programme, the university, relevant IT systems and the different communities you can join at Aarhus University. You can access the course in Brightspace from mid-August.


  • For questions about the introduction week,
    please contact Mette Bak Odder at

  • For questions about your degree programme,
    please contact the student counsellors