Courses abroad

As part of your exchange semester you must apply for courses at your host university. When and how to apply for courses differs from university to university. Follow the instructions from your host university. Some students must apply for courses when they apply for acceptance to the host university, others will not aply until just before semester start.

Start by examining the rules for exchange which applies to you, by cheking the academic regulations for your study programme at AU.

Pre-approval and credit transfer

When you know which courses, you would like to take at your host university, you must apply for a pre-approval at you AU study board to ensure that you can get the courses credit transferred to your AU study programme when returning from exchange.

Here you can find all information about pre-approval and credit transfer.

Credit Conversion to ECTS

Credit conversion of local credit point to ECTS is determined by your study board. You can see the conversions in the MoveOn database under each universities. If your host university is using the ECTS system, no credit conversion is made.

During your study abroad you should take the number of credit points required of a regular full time degree student at the host university in order to graduate within the standard time limit. This is the equivalent of 30 ECTS per semester or 60 ECTS per academic year. 

If the relevant degree programme at the host university consists of e.g. 32 credits and the standard time is two years, then a regular full time degree student must take 16 credits per academic year or 8 credits per semester to graduate. In this case you would be required to take 8 credits to transfer 30 ECTS. 

Please be aware that at some universities there can be a difference between how many credits you are required to take per semester to be formally classified as a full time student and how many credits you are required to take per semester in order to graduate within the standard time limit.

Specific information for HA/BScB

The academic regulations for 2023 states that the 5th semester consists of 10 ECTS electives besides two mandatory courses:

  • Finance 10 ECTS
  • Operations Management 10 ECTS

To go on exchange during the 5th semester, it is required that students can follow courses at the host university which can be credit transferred for the 2 mandatory courses.

Specific information for GMM

The academic regulations for 2022 states that students going on exhange during the 6th semester must find substitute courses for 30 ECTS electives: 

”The electives are gathered in three subject areas: digitalisation, sustainability or innonvation management. The three subject areas can be categorised as broad or specialised and can be within both ordinary courses, project based learning or industrial case-work".

Specific information for BDE

Students going on exchange during the 6th semester must find substitute courses for 30 ECTS electives:

The study programmes contains 70 ECTS electives. Minimum 54 ECTS of theses electives must be technical courses.

Specific information for Technology Based Business Development (Cand.polyt.)

3rd semester consists for 30 ECTS electives. The courses must be relevant to your degree programme and must be offered at a relevant level. Of the 30 ECTS electives, a maximum of 10 ECTS must be within the subject area of business and social sciences, mainly business administration. The remaining 20 ECTS must be engineering subjects.