During summer 2012, the canteen will be radically transformed.

The till area in the canteen is being completely changed. Several small ‘islands’ will offer a selection of hot and cold buffet dishes. There will also be a coffee counter – for when you need only coffee – as well as two tills, which will ensure a smoother flow through the canteen, which will become a natural place to rendezvous for many students.

New tables and chairs have been ordered to smarten up the room and improve the acoustics as they are designed not to make a noise when pulled across the floor.

Communal area around the canteen

Efforts are also being made to improve the acoustics in the large communal areas. The aim is to make the large communal areas cosier and more inviting for study-related activities and social get-togethers.

These areas too will have new furniture. On the main stairs, seating will be organised with cushions, and there will be a number of soft sofa groups. The communal area will also be furnished with high tables and chairs around the building’s large columns and along the windows and low walls, from where it will be possible to enjoy views of the canteen and the outside areas.