AU Summer University

At AU Summer University you can either take a course offered by your own study programme or a course offered by another study prgramme than your own.

If a course you are interested in is offered by your own programme you must apply for it in the stads self-service from 15/1-1/4 2020 12 noon CET.

If it is offered by another programme you need to have the course pre-approved and then apply for it via our application system from 15/1-1/4 2020 12 noon CET.

Some courses from another study programme than yours may already be pre-approved for your study and if this is the case you do not need to apply for a pre-approval before you apply for the course. 

You will receive the outcome of your application in week 17.

Extra application round: 1-5 May. Except Cand Merc and HA. They have to apply between 24-26 April.

If you missed the deadline you can sign up for a new courses list. We will send it to you once it is updated.

COVID-19 - sofar we continue processing AU Summer University as planned in the summer 2020.

Application FAQ

Are the courses first come - first served?/How are the seats allocated?

No! None of the courses are first come first served.

Unless otherwise announced in the course description found in the course catalogue, seats in any given course will be distributed to the following groups in descending order: 

  • Aarhus University students from primary program or related education (see course catalogue)
  • Aarhus University students from any other study program
  • Students from other Danish universities applying to take the course as a credit module as well as students  nominated through an exchange agreement or other partnership agreement
  • Free movers and other Danish applicants (Tomplads)

Within these groups the seats will distributed as described in the course description.

This also means that technically it does not matter if you apply by January 15th or April 1st as long as you apply within the deadline April 1st at 11.59.

Can I change/cancel my registration?

You are free to change and cancel your STADS registrations as long as the registration is still open in STADS. After the deadline April 1st it is only possible to cancel/change a course registration according to the rules at your board of studies, which are the same rules as for semester courses.

Is it possible to take a course and not have the ECTS inserted into my study programme?

No, it is unfortunately not possible to take a course as extra-curricular activity. This is also why you can only register for a course if you have the space in your study programme and within the group of courses that the course belongs to. 

My STADS registration is rejected, what should I do?

This is most likely due to the fact that you don’t have enough space in your study programme for the course you are trying to register for. But please send us an e-mail at then we will check it for you and guide you to what you can do. 

I can’t find the course I am interested in in STADS?

First of all you need to check if the course you are interested in, is in fact offered by your study programme, if not, you cannot find the course in STADS but must apply via AU Summer University's online application system.

Remember that in this case the course needs to be pre-approved by your board of studies before you can be registered for a course not offered by your study programme.

What if I want to apply for a course offered by my own study programme and a course that is pre-approved?

In that case you have to make two different applications. One in STADS for the course offered by your own study programme and one in AU Summer University's application system, for the one you have gotten pre-approved.   

Can I take a master level Summer University course before I start my master’s degree?

If you are a bachelor's student who graduates this summer and will start on your master's degree right after it is a possibility to take a master course during the summer before you actually start your degree, to get a head start on your master's degree. However, this does not apply if you are applying for any of the following master degrees:


- Cand.merc. (all tracks)

- Cand.soc.

- Cand.merc.aud.

To get a seat in a summer course, you need to do the following. 

1. Apply for regular admission to the master's degree you wish to take if you have not already done so. Remember that the application deadline is at midnight between March 1st and March 2nd. 

2. Sign up for the AU Summer University before April 1st in our application system through this link. Choose Aarhus University student as student type and when the system asks you for a preapproval, you should upload the receipt you got upon applying for the master's degree. 

In mid-April you will receive an answer from AU Summer University letting you know which course you got a seat in. After this you will be able to see the course in STADS. 

You will receive notice by June 1st at the latest whether or not you were accepted to the master's program. You have until June 15th to confirm your seat in the program. (NB! If you have applied to master's degree program where you do not have legal right of admission, this of course only holds if you get accepted to the program.)

Around June 22nd you will get a message saying that you have been enrolled in the master's degree program. After this, your registration for AU Summer University will fall into place. 

Until you are officially enrolled, the registration is STADS will say 'denied' even though you have received notice that you have a seat in the course. But there is no need to worry. This does not mean that you are not signed up for the course.

Please bear in mind that students who are already enrolled in a master's program have priority right for courses with limited seats as opposed to students with a temporary enrollment.