Oral exam

An oral exam is a type of examination, where students are given questions or a problem to be answered or solved orally.

An oral exam is usually 20 or 30 minutes. It is conducted on a specified location, and the specialist teacher and an examiner will assess the student's performence. The grade is given immediately afterwards.

The duration of the exam, whether any aids are allowed, and if there is preparation time, is stated in the individual course descriptions in the Course Catalogue.

The most common oral exam form is the 20 minutes oral exam without aids and prepation time.

Time and place of the exam is announced on the Examination plans website.

Before the exam date, you can find exam order lists on WISEflow. The exam order lists are published approximately 14 days before the exam.

It is always important to show up well in advance for an oral exam. It is the student's own responsibility to be present, when called in for the exam. For instance, if fellow students decide not to show up for the exam, it will bring the order of the other students forward. You must therefore show up at least 1 hour in advance of your examination time.

Questions regarding examinations should be directed to the specialist teacher or Aarhus BSS Study Service.