Starting your thesis work

Agreement with supervisor

Before starting a project or thesis, you need to make an agreement with a supervisor at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG). See list of projects and supervisors. When you have made an agreement, a thesis contract must be drawn up via the contract generator ( You will find instructions for preparing the project and guidance plan here: Word-file; PDF-file.

Registration as a student at the department

When the student has made an agreement for supervision, he/she must be registered at the department to get access to laboratories, facilities, calendar system, e-mail and news information. See below.


Please note that students (except Part B PhD students who are employed and get paid) have to take out a full-time liability and accident insurance when working at the department to be covered by any accidents.


The head of the research group where the new student will study, appoints a mentor to help the new student become established and introduced to procedures, locations, and other staff and students at the MBG and - for foreign students - registration with the relevant authorities.

Welcome to the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG)

We look forward to working with you, and we hope that you will feel at home at our department.

To make it easier for you to become familiar with the university's many different sets of rules for research, salary, personnel and safety, etc. and the many IT-based functions and systems you need, we have compiled a list of the most important ones below.

  • Registration at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • To gain access to the department's laboratories, facilities, calendar system, e-mail and news information, you must be registered at the department.
    Fill out the relevant form (students, staff/PhD students or guests) and give it to Rikke Mie Rahbek or Dorte Abildskov, together with the other forms you need to fill out to get access card/keys (please see below).
  • Introduction to safety in the laboratory
    All new staff and students will be introduced to the safety procedures when working in the laboratory by the safety representative affiliated with the group, you will be working in. To prove that you have got this introduction, the safety representative and supervisor must sign the so-called checklist. This checklist must be brought along when you are going to get an access card/keys to the department.
  • Access card/keys
    Access card and keys are handed out by Rikke and Dorte. In order to get an access card/keys to the department, you must order (and pay for 
  • E-mail
    Once you have handed in the registration form to Rikke or Dorte, you will get an email address at the department.
  • Profile website
    Based on the information from the registration form, you will also get a profile webpage (in PURE-see below), and you will thus automatically be added to the list of staff and students.
  • Photographing
    Lisbeth Heilesen will invite you to have your picture taken for your profile webpage at MBG's photo atelier.
  • Access for various administrative systems
    - CWT (portal for travel and travel agent)
    - IndFak (invoicing system)
    - Brightspace (teaching system)
    - PURE (system for collecting, maintaining and visualising research data)
    - (registration of password to a number of university systems)
    - ReAP (registration of applications for funding)
    - AU Exchange Webmail (incl. calendar)
    - VPN network (server access from outside the university)
  • Salary and employment
    HR, wage administration, union representatives, holiday, absence, etc.
  • Travel and reimbursement
    Travel agent, credit card, travel insurance card, reimbursement, etc.
  • Economy
    Procurement, payment of invoices, research support, etc.
  • Design templates
    Stationary, PowerPoint, logos, seals
  • Working environment
    Safety in the laboratory, working environment representatives/organisation, etc.
  • Infrastructure at the department
    Pigeonhole, telephone, fax, copying machines, mail, courier etc.
  • Map of Aarhus University