Master's seminars as a credit transfer module

Credit subjects are courses taken outside the Department of Political Science and which are subsequently transferred to your study programme. Credit subjects include both political science and social science seminars passed outside the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University.

Conditions for credit transfer

In each individual case, the Board of Studies must approve and weigh the course. The approval depends on a concrete evaluation of the academic content, level and scope of the course in question. In addition, there must be no overlaps between the course and any compulsory or already completed courses on the programme.

If the course was taken at an institution covered by the ECTS-system, the scope is documented through ECTS credits. 10 ECTS credits are equivalent to one seminar. When approving political science seminars, the political science content and aim of the course must be at a certain level.

If the student is awarded a grade on the 7-point grading scale at the institution in question and is transferred with the same amount of ECTS, this grade is transferred. If this is not the case, the result is transferred as “passed”. The student cannot be reassessed for a course passed outside the department.

On the basis of courses passed on other degree programmes, credit may also be granted for mandatory courses on the Bachelor’s programme. Normally, it will be a requirement that there is a high level of coherence between the transferred study elements and the course content, level and form of examination, and that a grade can be transferred.

Application procedure

Application for approval of courses completed at other departments are submitted to the Board of Studies for Political Science and Social Science via Course description, syllabuses, teaching plans as well as any written work must be attached. 

Applications for preliminary approval of courses at Aarhus University are also submitted electronically via

Explore the options in time

We recommend that before the start of the semester, you explore the possibilities for getting courses passed at other departments approved. This way you avoid completing courses which the Board of Studies do not find relevant for the degree programme and thus end up rejecting when you apply. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Counsellors' Office.