Academic regulations

Academic regulations at Aarhus BSS




What are academic regulations?

The rules for each degree programme are set out in the programme's academic regulations. Your academic regulations are the legal foundation of your degree programme and describes the academic content and rules that apply to your degree programme. You are responsible for keeping up to date with the rules with which you need to comply. 

Your academic regulations contain: 

  • Admission requirements for your degree programme
  • Purpose of the programme and descriptions of the knowledge, skills and competences that you will acquire
  • The structure of your degree programme
  • Link to descriptions of each course, which describe the content of the course including the form of teaching and type of examination
  • A summary of the general rules applying to students; including links to current ministerial orders.

How can I find the academic regulations that apply to me?

When you begin your degree programme, you will be enrolled on the current (latest) academic regulations, but there may also be other current academic regulations for your degree programme.  

You can see which academic regulations you are enrolled in, by logging on to and by clicking ' My academic regulations'.

Here you will find a list of all the courses included in your degree programme and a link to the academic regulation.

If you cannot find your academic regulations on, you can find it in the self-service system (STADS). 

Changes to academic regulations

Below you will find a list of significant changes between academic regulations.  

Previous academic regulations

In the search module at the top of the page you will find the current academic regulations. If you need an older version, please contact Aarhus BSS Student Services.