Registration for courses

Registration periods

  • Registration for courses in the autumn semester:  1 - 5 May
  • Registration for courses in the spring semester:    1 - 5 November

Compulsory courses

You will automatically be registered for all compulsory courses in your study programme.


You have to register for your electives online. Log in to and go to 'STADS' where you can register for courses/electives.

You can find the courses offered in the course catalogue.

All students must register for courses/seminars corresponding to 30 ECTS per semester. When you have registered for courses in the self-service system (STADS), you can follow your course registrations on on the subpage called “My study timeline”. 

Postponement of courses

Please notice, courses may overlap if you decide to postpone a course to a later semester.  For instance, if you deregister from a compulsory course at your third semester and plan to take it on your fifth semester, it may overlap with other fifth semester courses.

Please read about registering for seminars at 'Registration for master's courses'.

Registration for exchange or project-based internship

If you plan on going on exchange or taking a project-based internship, you don't have to register for and prioritise seminars in the coming semester. In stead choose Exchange or Project-based internship on the student self-service.

In case your plans to study abroad or take a project-based internship fall through, you may register for seminars after the deadline - for further help please contact 

The requirement for two written take-home assignments - new rules from 2020

The Board of Studies has decided to change the rules regarding written take-home assignments from the spring semester 2020.

From 2020 all master students are only required to take one written take-home assignment in the course of their studies. However it will no longer be possible to register a written take-home assignment on the basis of an exchange semester.

If you have any questions about this change in the rules, please contact the student counsellors.