English, German, Romance Languages and Intercultural Studies

An internship is a period during your studies, when you will have the opportunity to work with your field of study in a specific job context.

The internship must therefore be relevant to your studies but also reflect your future academic job options.


If you would like to do an internship, you must do the following: 

  1.  Find a relevant internship organisation.
  2. If you wish to take an internship as part of your degree programme, you must register for this within the exam/teaching registration period for the relevant semester. You must register even if you have not yet received a final contract with the internship organisation nor have a signed internship agreement.
  3. When you have found an internship organisation, print and complete the projct place agreement from the Project placement page.
  4. It must be signed by your internship organisation, your AU supervisor, and by yourself. You, yourself, must approach the teacher that you would like to act as your supervisor. If you need help to find a supervisor, you can contact the degree programme coordinator.
  5. The internship agreement should sent be to the Board of Studies by using the form 'Advanced approval'.
  6. We advise you to contact your internship supervisor before starting your internship to discuss the topic of your report.
  7. The exam is held in accordance with your academic regulations. If you have any queries concerning the exam, please contact a student counsellor or Study Centre Arts. The exam date is posted in the exam plan on Arts’ Study Portal.
  8. If you plan to do an internship in your profile semester in the autumn, and if you fail to get an internship agreement in place, you must register for an alternative course.

Please note that in the cases described above, you can only be offered a place in courses with vacant places.

Deadlines for completing internship

The following deadlines apply for the internship/work placement/internship at the project host:

  • In the autumn semester, your stay has to be completed no later than 31 December