Application for credit module at Arts for non-AU-students

To apply for a credit module, you must be enrolled on a full-time degree programme in Denmark.
You can find the available credit modules in The AU Course Catalogue.

Two annual rounds of applications

  • For courses in the spring semester: 15 October - 5 December

  • For courses in the autumn semester: 15 April - 5 June

It is only possible to apply for credit modules in the above periods.
The online application form is therefore only accessible in these two periods.

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Apply for credit module on bachelor or Master's degree level

If the course(s) you are applying for is at a professional Master's level, you must instead apply through Continuing Education, Arts at

Arts Studier - Gæstefag Ansøgning for ikke AU-studerende UK

Applicants from another institution

* = mandatory field

Basis for admission
First choice
Second choice
Third choice
Fourth choice
Fifth choice
Sixth choice
Approval from your own board of studies

The AU Course Catalogue

Courses at the professional Master's level must be applied for through Continuing Education, Arts at

In the AU course catalogue, each course has an infobox: