Bachelor's Project - GMM

Bachelor's Project - GMM

The bachelor's project is the main focus on the 7th semester.

Through the bachelor's project the student must demonstrate the ability to identify and use suitable methodological approaches in relation to practical issues/topics within the field of Global Management and Manufacturing.

Also the student must demonstrate the ability to work independent with the supervisor as facilitator.

On this page you can find relevant information, links and dates regarding the 7th senmester's bachelor's project.

Before the registration deadline

Choice of topic

The student/group chooses he topic which has to be approved by the head of programme at GMM. The student can make a suggestion for a preferred supervisor, but the superviser will be assigned to the student/group by the head of programme taking into account the wishes of the student/group.

It is a good idea to think about your choice of topic well in advance in order to be ready to begin your project at semester start.

It is possible to write the bachelor's pjoject alone or together with one other student.


If you follow a normal course of study, you will automatically be registered for your bachelor's project towards your 7th semester. It is your responsibility to check in STADS that your registration is correct.

Besides you will have to fill out the project registration (bachelor's project), which has to be signed by you, the supervisor and the contact person from the company.

The deadline for the project registration is 15 August. It is important to comply with the deadline, since your supervisor is assigned from the information in the project registration.

If you are writing your project in the spring semester, you must fill out and send the project registration 15 January.

The writing process


When you collaborate with a company you must read and sign a confidentiality agreement. The confidentiality agreement is included in the project registration.

Note that your supervisor and the external examiner(censor) both have implicit confidentiality through their jobs. However, some companies might still ask for a confidentiality agreement between AU and the company.

Processing personal data

If you as a student will have access to or collect personal data for use in a written assignment, a Bachelor's project or a Master's thesis e.g., it is your responsibility to handle the information according to rules and regulations in force. Please go to this webpage for more information on the rules concerning personal data.

Special situations

If you have any problems, such as personal or health problems which will affect your ability to complete your project, or you have unsolvable problems with fellow students in your group, contact the Student Counsellor’s Office to get information on how to handle this.

For any major changes affecting your pro, please inform your supervisor. In the rare instances of problems between you and your supervisor, first try to sort it out with the supervisor by mentioning your concerns or issues to the supervisor. If this is not possible or the problem persists, you should contact the head of programme at the department where your project is registered:

  John Bang Mathiasen,

Change of supervisor is only possible in agreement with John Bang Mathiasen.

It is important that you do not wait until you have handed in your project or until after the defence to address these issues, as misunderstandings or issues about the supervision process are not grounds for a subsequent complaint about the final grade.

Cheating and plagiarism

Cheating and plagiarism are serious offences that can lead to a number of sanctions including exclusion from Aarhus University. If you copy parts of other sources in your project, make sure to identify it explicitly as quotes with clear reference. Be aware that self-plagiarism is also plagiarism. If you copy text (verbatim or paraphrasing), ideas or structure from your own previous assignments you need to identify it explicitly. For all rules regarding cheating and a web tutorial about plagiarism, please go to:

Use of AI

From the summer 2024 the use of generative artificial intelligence tools will be permitted for this exam. The general rules on plagiarism apply if generative artificial intelligence is used. You must specify how generative artificial intelligence has been used in an appendix to the assignment.

Handing in the bachelor's project

Handing in the project in WISEflow

The bachelor's project is to be handed in in WISEflow. Students will receive information about when the flow opens, and you will be able to upload your project.

You can find the deadline on your examination plan. Please remember that your upload of your project must be completed before the deadline. Therefore it is a good idea to begin your upload well in advance before deadline. Uploading a  project as big as the bachelor's project can take up to 30 minutes. Technical issues are not necessarily a valid reason for not uploading your project before the deadline, so it is important that you react, should you have technical issues.

Once you upload your project it is not possible to withdraw your upload again. Therefore you must be careful to upload your project correctly.

Regarding the bachelor's project for GMM the following must be uploaded in WISEflow: The main report and the management report must be handed in as one PDF file, but additional material/appendices may be uploaded in other file formats. If you are writing in group it must be stated who is responsible for the different elements in the report.

The flow is a group flow. If you have not previously tried to upload an assignment in WISEflow as a group, please read and follow the instructions on how to submit as a group. If you are writing your project alone you register as a "one-person group".

Please note: You will receive a receipt from both WISEflow, when you are done submitting the assignment. If necessary, check your spam filter.

No access to OneDrive after graduation
Once your last grade is registered you will no longer have access to OneDrive. This means that you have to download and transfer your files from OneDrive before finishing your programme.
It is not possible to restore access to OneDrive once you have finished your programme at Aarhus University.
Read more:

The oral defence

The oral exam starts with a presentation of the project following a discussion of the project- and management report and appendices. The entire examination takes 60 minutes if you are writing alone. If you are writing in a group of two students the examination will take 85 minutes.

The department will contact you by e-mail or by Brightspace with information about when your project defence will take place (at the latest 6 weeks after it is handed in).


If you do not hand in or fail the Bachelor's project, you can register for the reexamination. The re-examination consists of  a modified project report with an individual oral defence. The modification must be made on the ground of feedback from your supervisor and the re-examination will take place in the examination periode and the date will be published on the the study portal.