Change of programme

Programme change

The Board of Studies does not usually grant an exemption for a programme change. The reason for this is that the MSc in Economics and Business Administration is one education with programmes. 

You can re-apply for another programme. This option is associated with many risks and consequences and it is therefore not recommended. Below are some of the consequences / risks that may be associated with opting out and applying again.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list as unfortunately, all the consequences it may have for you, cannot be predicted in advance.

Application for admission to a new programme

You can apply for admission to another MSc Economics and Business Administration programme.

However, there are rules in relation to your new enrollment, which you need to be aware of.

  1.  You can find application deadlines and procedure for application on the website
  2. Changing your studies will also have an impact on your SU. You must contact SU for guidance on this.
  3. You must be aware that the subjects in which you have used exam attempts, will be moved to the new programme, if you are admitted again.
  4. Admission to a new programme requires that the courses from the previous programme can either be inserted as an elective, or must be able to replace a mandatory course. Some courses on different programmes may have an academic overlap without there being equivalence between the courses. In that case, the courses will not be transferable. You can check this in the course descriptions for the courses in question.
  5. Courses in which you have passed or used examination attempts are often transferred as electives in the 3rd semester on the new programme. This means that you will not have the opportunity to go on an exchange or choose the project-oriented course on the new programme.
  6. You must also be particularly aware that the transferred courses (i.e. courses in which you have used exam attempts) may risk being dropped from the program when you reach your 3rd semester in the new programme. This can have the consequence that you cannot complete your education. It is therefore important that you stay informed about the last exam option on transferred courses etc.
  7. Your maximum study time on the new programme will be re-calculated based on how much and which elements you are missing from the education.
  8. Admission to the MSc in Economics and Business Administration is restricted from 2022. This means that you are not guaranteed admission, even if you meet the admission requirements. You can read more about the selection criteria here.
  9. You can only use your legal right to a study place on the MSc  in Economics and Business Administration once. Your admission options depend on the points above, and how many other applicants are applying for admission the year in question.
  10. There may be several consequences / risks for you, which we cannot take into account in advance.