Have you experienced offensive behaviour or harassment?

Who can help me?

At Aarhus BSS all people are welcome. Harassment, bullying, violence and discrimination will not be tolerated. This is also an integral part of Aarhus BSS Code of Conduct, where it is emphasized that ‘students at Aarhus BSS exercise mutual care and responsibility in all professional relationships –when meeting with others in person, in group contexts and/or in the collective sphere’.

We encourage that you contact the study and career counsellors, if you feel you have been subjected to harassment, violence or discrimination at Aarhus BSS, regardless whether it is from fellow students or employees. Here we can talk the experience through, inform about how to file a complaint and arrange further course of action. You are also welcome to contact Aarhus BSS Student Services, if you are in doubt about where to get help.

More information and guidance can also be found at Aarhus University's 'Have you experienced offensive behaviour or harassment?'' webpage.

All members of staff are bound by duty of secrecy. Therefore, it is only with your consent that your experience will be brought forward.

You can find contact information here:

No matter who you turn to for help, you can be sure that it will be handled confidentially. 

It is always you who will determine whether you have experienced harassment, violence or discrimination. Therefore, you will always be welcomed, no matter what your inquiry is about.