Transfer to a different campus

A campus transfer is for those who are already studying at AU and would like to continue in the same programme but transfer to a different AU campus.

The prerequisites for applying for a campus transfer are: 

  • That you are enrolled in a programme at Aarhus University that is offered at more than one AU campus.
  • That you have passed what corresponds to the entire first academic year of the programme before the start of the semester
  • That you meet the current admission requirements for the programme at the campus you would like to transfer to, including any grade requirements.
  • That there are empty places in the programme at the campus you wish to transfer to

Application deadlines

For degree programmes that start in August/September, the application deadline is 1 March.

For degree programmes that start in January/February, the application deadline is 15 October

How to apply

To apply for a campus transfer, please find the type of programme called “Change of programme/transfer – Bachelor’s degree programmes/Master’s degree programmes” in the application system. Then find the programme and campus you wish to change to.

When you apply, you must upload the following:

  • An academic transcript – you can exchange data in the application system 
  • Documentation of exam registration for exams you expect to have passed before the start of the semester

Overview of degree programmes for which a campus transfer is possible

Electrical Power Engineering (BScEng)

Electronics (BScEng)

Mechanical Engineering (BScEng)

Educational Theory and Curriculum Studies (Danish)

Educational Theory and Practice

Educational Anthropology

Educational Philosophy

Educational Psychology

Educational Sociology

Education Science

Economics and Business Administration (HA)

Economics and Business Administration (offered in English)

Information Technology - IT, Communication and Organisation

When will you get a response?

Applications are considered on an ongoing basis. It can take a long time to process applications, and some applicants will only receive a response in August (for summer admissions) / January (for winter admissions).

Questions and contact information

If you have any questions about applying for a campus transfer, you are very welcome to write to