Examination attempts

You have three attempts to pass an exam. It counts as a used examination attempt if you don’t pass, fail to withdraw on time, choose to leave an exam, submit a blank exam or fail to turn up to an exam you’re registered for.

If you’ve used three examination attempts in a course without passing, you’ll be withdrawn from the university.

If you’ve used three examination attempts in a course without passing, you can apply to the board of studies for dispensation to get a fourth examination attempt. To be granted dispensation to get an extra examination attempt, you must be able to document exceptional circumstances (e.g. with a doctor’s certificate) in connection with one of the previous examination attempts.

It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of what can be referred to as exceptional circumstances. However, an exceptional circumstance could be a sudden situation such as illness or the loss of a close relative in immediate connection with an exam.

Doctor’s certificates documenting illness in connection with an exam must, as far as possible, be from the exam date or period.    

How to apply for an exemption for an extra examination attempt

You apply for an exemption by logging in to mystudies.au.dk.

  • Find "Self-service systems"
  • Click on "Submit an application to your board of studies"
  • Find "Exemption from the rules in your academic regulations" and click "Apply for exemption" and fill in the application form.    

Please notice the following requirements for your application:

• You must clearly state which rule(-s) you apply to be exempted from

• Explain what you would like to achieve if you get an exemption (e.g. another exam attempt for an exam, registration for a course after deadline etc.)

• Explain what circumstances you think that entitles you to be granted the exemption. You can attach or forward documentation.

The application for an exemption is considered by the Board of Studies that is responsible for your study programme (where you are enrolled as either undergraduate or graduate students). If you want to submit additional documentation to your application for an exemption you must send it by email to: Dispensationsansogninger.BSS@au.dk