Student counselling

What to expect in a student guidance session?


A guidance session may focus on all matters related to your life as a student. The point of departure for the session will be your needs and issues.
During the session we can address different aspects such as rules and regulations, choice of courses, your well-being as a student, etc.
The session is a dialogue between you and the counsellor with the purpose of helping you to clarify your situation and get a better understanding of rules and opportunities. The counsellor will listen, ask questions and give you the correct information, but it is your responsibility to present and actively reflect on your challenges, wishes and dilemmas.

  • You are always welcome to contact your counsellors. If we cannot help you, we will usually be able to refer you to someone who can.
  • All counsellors have a duty of confidentiality. This means that we treat all inquiries with strict confidentiality.
  • Are you contacting us by email, please use your AU email address. The AU mail system is a secured system that gives you the best protection of your personal information.

At Aarhus BSS you meet two types of counsellors; the student counsellors and the student welfare counsellors:

The Student Counsellors


The student counsellors are trained counsellors and students at Aarhus BSS. They can help you, if you have questions regarding, e.g.:

  • Courses
  • Exams
  • Academic regulations
  • Elective courses
  • Credit transfer
  • How to plan your studies

They can also help to plan your studies, should you have been delayed in your study programme or have received credit transfer due to previous passed courses on other study programmes.

Student counsellors

Laura Maria Jensen
Laura Josefine Sodborg
Magnus Ennegaard Asmussen (the photo is on its way)


  • Give us a call during our phone hours on Tel. +45 87165242 
  • Use our open Zoom counselling hours

  • You can find us at Bartholins Allé 11, 8000 Aarhus C. Building 1350, room 125.

Opening hours

Week 39Phone Open Zoom Booked meetings

Week 40PhoneOpen Zoom Booked meetings
Friday  Closed  ClosedClosed

How to attend an open Zoom meeting

If you wish to attend an open Zoom meeting, you click on the link in the table above in the time frame that suits you best. Then you will be placed in a 'waiting room', where the student counsellors invite you in, one student at the time, for a meeting of max. 20 minutes.    

Study and welfare counsellors

As welfare counsellors, we are members of staff in the study administration at Aarhus BSS. We can help you, if you need to discuss study related topics that are more comprehensive.

Besides the questions and topics listed in the description of the student counsellors, the session with a welfare counsellor can also address personal issues concerning life as a student.

It could be issues such as:

  • Completion of studies
  • Delay in your study programme
  • Exam anxiety
  • Stress related to your studies
  • Doubt about your choice of study programme

Your student welfare counsellors