Maximum period of study

The maximum period of study for bachelor students at Aarhus BSS is the prescribed period of study plus 12 months.

The maximum period of study for master students at Aarhus BSS is the prescribed period of study plus 6 months.

You will be withdrawn if you do not complete your degree programme within the maximum period of study.

You will be withdrawn irrespective of the number and type of subjects you have failed to pass, even though you have not actually tried to pass the exams in question within the prescribed period of study.

Your maximum period of study will always expire on September 1 or March 1. You will receive a notification in your e-Boks approx. (digital post). 14 days before the expiry of your maximum period of study. In case you are waiting for a result from your last exams, please contact Aarhus BSS Study Service. You are automatically withdrawn when the maximum period of study expires. Therefore, you will receive no further notice or confirmation of the withdrawal.

In order to avoid withdrawal due to expiration of your maximum period of study, we recommend that you ensure progress throughout the degree program. If you are in doubt about how to plan your degree programme, you are always welcome to contact the Student Counsellors' Office.

Below you can find instructions on how to find your maximum duration of study in STADS (student self-service facility). Students who can document that ‘special circumstances’ apply, can send in an application for exemption from the maximum duration of study.

Calculating the maximum period of study

For students enrolled before 1 September 2016, the maximum period of study constitutes the individual remaining time to degree plus two semesters for Bachelor’s students and one semester for Master’s students. Your maximum time to degree is calculated according to the below formula.

Formula for calculating the maximum time to degree:

(X-Y)/30 + Z = max. time to degree   


X: Your degree programme’s prescribed time to degree in ECTS credits

Y: Your completed ECTS credits

Z: Bachelor: + two semesters / Master’s: + one semester

If you have completed 50 ECTS credits on a 120 ECTS Master’s degree programme, your remaining time to degree is calculated as follows:

(120-50)/30 + 1 = 3.34 which is rounded off to four semesters.

The maximum time to degree for current students is calculated per 15 September.

Pre-approval of transfer credits are included in the calculation. If your pre-approval should not be included, you must contact us and provide us with documentation showing that you did not pass the courses that were approved in advance/explain that you did not pass the courses. This will potentially form the basis of a new calculation.

Exam results received after 15 September are not included in the calculation. If you have received an exam result after 15 September which you believe will effect your maximum time to degree, please contact:

Find you maximum period of study

Your maximum period of study, i.e. the date by which you must have completed your degree programme, can be found on your Study Timeline, which you can access through

Alternatively, you can find your maximum period of study on the Student Self-Service. You find it under "Enrolments" on the menu bar, "Show enrolments" and under "Education must be completed before".