Start Credit Transfer

When you apply for admission to a higher education degree programme, you are obliged to state whether you have previously passed courses on higher education degree, which you have not completed.

Aarhus University needs this information to assess whether you can be granted credit transfer. In other words, whether (some of) the courses you have previously passed can replace parts of your new degree programme.

If you are awarded a credit transfer for one or more courses, this means that the previously passed courses will replace courses on the degree programme you are enrolled in. Therefore, you will not be registered for lectures or exams in the course (s), as the credit transfer is a pass.

The start-up credit is compulsory and cannot be deselected, even though you would rather follow the course (or the courses you are credit transfer for).

Courses from completed degree programmes at the same level are not covered by the compulsory start credit transfer. However, you can apply for a credit transfer.

When will you receive an answer?

It will take a few months to process all applications, so we cannot inform you of whether you will be granted credit transfer prior to commencement of your studies.

We therefore encourage you to participate in all the courses for which you are registered in the first semester. If you, later on, are granted credit transfer for a course for which you are registered, your registration for the course and course exams will be withdrawn.

You will be notified via e-Boks when it has been decided whether you will receive credit transfer.

If you want to change your course registrations based on the start credit transfer you have received, please contact the studyadministration  or 

If you are given a start credit transfer and need help planning your study programme, you are encouraged to contact the Student Counselling Office

What are the requirements for the documentation?

You may be asked to submit documentation, even if you have already uploaded documentation in connection with your application for admission on the programme. This may be due to the fact that the uploaded documentation does not contain all the information that is necessary for the study administration to be able to process your application. In this case, you will be contacted via your AU email address.

Below, you can see what is necessary for your application to be considered.

  • Course certificate
  • Official description of the grading scale (if your course/subject taken at an educational institution abroad)
  • Detailed and official course descriptions in Danish or English. These should contain:
    • Course code or number
    • The title of the course
    • Weighting of the course (ECTS/credits)
    • The level of the course (e.g. Bachelor/Master's)
    • A comprehensive description of the content of the course
    • Type of examination
    • Literature
    • Grade Certificate

Who can answer my questions?

If you have questions about credit transfer when you commence your degree programme or wish to send us documentation, please send an email to:


Will I automatically obtain credit transfer, or do I need to apply for it myself?

Credit transfer is automatically processed on the basis of the information you submitted with your application for admission to the programme. This means that you don’t have to apply for it yourself.

When will I get a reply?

Most students will receive a reply regarding credit transfer in August or September. However, some students will receive a reply later.

If you don’t receive a reply in September and if you are in doubt as to whether your application is being processed, contact the studies administration via email to

Should I start a course if I expect to obtain credit transfer but have yet to receive formal approval?

We encourage you to follow all the courses for which you are registered on the first semester, even you are still waiting for a reply regarding your application for credit transfer. If you obtain credit transfer for a course you took abroad, your registration for classes and exams in Denmark will be cancelled once the credit transfer has been registered in your study programme.

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If you fail to provide information and/or if you have provided incorrect information about courses you have passed on a higher education degree programme on which you were previously enrolled, this may influence your chances of continuing on your degree programme.