Would you like to be withdrawn from your programme?

If you wish to resign from your programme without completing it, it is important that you first of all read the following instructions.

Important conditions for resigning

If you are still signed up for lessons and exams:

When resigning you must be aware of the fact that lessons and exams registrations will automatically be cancelled. If you still wish to participate in an exam, or if you have already passed it, but are waiting for the grade, you must wait for the results to be registered on your Student Self Service before resigning. 

If you wish to enroll again at the same level of education:

Please notice that special rules apply for admission / enrolment if you wish to be enrolled once again. Admission to the same education can take place 5 months after resignation as stated in § 36 paragraph. 4 of Adgangsbekendtgørelsen. Students who have been deregistered for a semester or for whom enrolment has been terminated, cannot participate in examinations or tests within the degree programme in the same semester. 

If you resign from a Bachelor's degree before you have completed the first year of training or before you have passed the program elements that are equivalent to the first year of the programme you do not have the possibility to be re-admitted to the program. Instead, you must re-apply to be admitted through KOT.

If you have passed the first year of training, your chance of becoming re-registered to the programme still depends on several factors, e.g., there must be a vacant space on the program and you may not have used all your attempts.

If you can be re-registered to the program, you will be enrolled on the latest curriculum, which means that you might not get full credit of all the courses you already have completed on the programme before you resigned. 

Before you resign from your programme, we suggest you have a chat with your local student counsellors about the consequences of resigning, if you are considering re-enrolling at a later point.

Special leave 

If you are applying for special leave instead of resigning from your programme you can find more information and guidance how to do this here


SU office will automatically receive notification of your resignation.

You will be resigned from all of your full-time programmes

When you resign, you must be aware of the fact that you thereby also resign from any other subjects you are following in other faculties at Aarhus University.

You have completed your Bachelor's or Master's degree programme

If you have passed your Bachelor's degree and have applied for admission to a Master´s program at Aarhus University, your enrollment as a bachelor student will automatically be closed. This means that you do not need to resign from the program. Likewise, if you have completed your Master´s program, your enrollment will automatically be closed.

How can I resign myself?

Your resignation will be effective from date you send your withdrawal request through Student Self-service. This means that you must apply no later than the day you wish to be resigned from.

If you are you enrolled in the Faculty of Arts (including IUP), Faculty of Health, School of Business and Social Science and Faculty of Science and Technology (including AU Herning), please resign through the university's Student Self Service STADS. You log onto mitstudie.au.dk/en where you will find a link to STADS. To log in you need your student number and the same password that you use on mitstudie.au.dk. Once you are logged into Student Self Service, under the 'Enrolment etc.' select 'Resignation'. Once your withdrawal is approved, you will receive a confirmation letter by post or in your e-Boks.