Credit transfer

If you are a full-time student it is possible to have exams taken at other institutions transferred and inserted into your study programme. However, the courses must be academically evaluated and approved by the board of studies. The courses can be inserted either as electives or, in case of complete equivalence, as compulsory courses.

Please read the instructions below for more information.

How to apply for pre-approval/credit transfer

If you want to replace a course in your study programme with a course from another programme, you can either apply for a pre-approval (before you leave) or transfer (after you have completed the course). It is the Board of Studies that determines whether you can be granted a pre-approval or credit transfer.

If you wish to apply for pre-approval for/credit from a course at another Danish institution or pre-approval for/credit from a course at a foreign university, please use the application form at -> 'Submit an application to your board of studies'.   

Please note that the pre-approval is not a guarantee for admission to the course(-s) you have applied for -  you must contact the relevant institution yourself to apply for admission to the subject/subjects.

If you want a course as supplement to your programme, you must apply as a fee paying single subject student.

What information do I need to apply?

You can only apply for pre-approval or credit transfer when you have collected all relevant information listed below:

Pre-approval (before taking a course at another university)

  • Name of the course, educational programme and institution
  • Official course descriptions in Danish and English with clear statement of level and ECTS/credits 
    • Courses for the MA programme must be graduate level - certain 4th year undergraduate courses may also be approved
  • List of literature for each course
  • If courses do not have ECTS-credits, please enclose information on the credit system used, ie. how many credits comprise a full semester and study programme

Credit transfer (after passing courses at another university)

  • Official grade transcript
  • From non-Danish institutions: an official description of the grading scale used
  • All course titles must be available in English
  • A copy of your pre-approval, if you have applied for this previously
  • List of literature for each passed course
  • Remember to state whether you want the courses transferred as political science or social science courses

Political science and social science seminars

Credit modules or exchange semesters can be transferred either as political science or social science seminars when you are a student in MSc Political Science. Approval of political science seminars depends on the content and aim of the specific courses.  

When can you expect a reply to your application for advance approval or credit transfer?

In general, the processing time for applications for advance approval or credit transfer is 6-8 weeks.

If the course descriptions you attach or the application itself is inadequate, the processing time may increase.

The summer period
During the summer period, you must expect a longer processing time seeing as the teachers and students who conduct the academic evaluations are typically on holiday in July.

Why is the processing time 6-8 weeks?

When you have submitted your application for advance approval or credit transfer, your student affairs officer will go through the attached course descriptions and assess whether they contain the necessary information. Subsequently, the course descriptions are sent to the teachers and students who will perform the academic evaluation. Upon receiving the academic evaluation from the teachers and students, the student affairs officer will summarise and prepare a response which you will receive in your e-Boks.    

What can you do to further this process?

Please submit your application well in advance of any deadlines.

Please familiarise yourself with the requirements for course descriptions and documentation here at the study portal.

Please check your AU mail on a regular basis. The studies administration will contact you via email in case we need additional documentation or information.

Please check your e-Boks. We will send you the decision on this platform.

Are you late?

The Student Counsellors’ Office advises you to apply even though there is little time left before the deadline when you need the advance approval/credit transfer.

It is not always possible to process an application on time if you submit it shortly before a deadline. However, your student affairs officer as well as the teachers and students who perform the academic evaluation will generally prioritise urgent applications and try to process your application so that you may receive a reply before the deadline in question.

If you are in doubt about what to do in case you do not receive a reply to your application before a given deadline, please contact the Student Counsellors’ Office. It is not possible for the Student Counsellors’ Office to speed up the processing of your application, but they can advise you on your options in case you do not receive a reply before the deadline.