Host department representatives

The host department representative has a finger on the pulse regarding what takes place in the building, where it takes place and when (for example exams, teaching and events). The host department representative is therefore an indispensable link between Building Services and Friday bars/committees and is responsible for ensuring that, for example, social events do not take place in the room next to where an exam is being conducted. 

When should I contact my host department representative?

  • When you are the new chair of a Friday bar/committee
  • When you need to have an agreement for borrowing rooms signed
  • When you need approval of the Friday bar’s semester plan

New chair

When a new chair is appointed to a Friday bar or a party committee, the form “Appointing a new chair” must be signed by the local host department representative. In this connection, the new chair is encouraged to arrange a meeting with the host department representative.

Agreement for borrowing rooms

When an agreement for borrowing rooms has been approved and signed by Arts Building Services, the agreement must also be signed by the host department representative.

Friday bar semester plan

The Friday bar’s semester plan must be approved by the host department representative before the plan is sent to Arts Building Services.

Changes to the semester plan must be approved by the host department representative 14 days in advance and then be sent to Arts Building Services.

Host department representatives at the Faculty of Arts


Louise Weinreich Jakobsen


Camilla Greve Rosenbøg Fogsgaard


Morten Brockhoff


Anne-Mette Brink Christensen

Nobelparken 1451-1453

Lotte Varnich og Rikke Bjørn Jensen

Nobelparken 1461-1463

Hanne Ahlers

Nobelparken 1465-1467

Tina Elgaard

Nobelparken 1481-1482

Jane Lücke Didriksen

Nobelparken 1483

Bolette Hansen

Nobelparken 1484-1485

Nelly Dupont