Events without meals

Student-organised activities play an important role in creating a good study environment. Aarhus University supports these events by making rooms available and providing operational advice and support.   

Events without meals

Events without meals can be held any day of the week until 22:00. These events are alcohol free.

Meals cover organised refreshments/dinners. Therefore, events where the participants bring their own packed lunch and/or snacks are considered to be an event including meals.

Where can I hold my event?

  • Events without meals can be held in classrooms, cafeterias or study areas.
  • List of study areas (please note that between 8:00 and 16:00, study areas are used as reading rooms and can therefore only be booked for other activities after 16:00).

How do I book a room?

  • If you wish to hold an event in a classroom, the room must be booked through Study Centre Arts.
  • If you wish to hold an event in a study area or a cafeteria, you must contact Arts Building Services at
  • In connection with events without meals, you do not need an agreement for borrowing rooms.

Important information for event organisers

  • Any changes in access to specific doors must be arranged with your local Building Operations and Maintenance Office.
  • The event organiser is responsible for obtaining the necessary licences from the authorities (for instance a licence for noise control at outdoor events). The event organiser must also pay any expenses connected with planning and carrying out the event (for instance the Danish KODA fee). 
  • The room must be tidied and cleaned and waste must be disposed of immediately after the party. The room and surrounding common areas, toilets and outdoor areas must be ready for normal use Saturday morning at 8.00.
  • Event organisers must report to Arts Building Services via email ( if any unusual events occur (for instance personal injuries/accidents, the need for an ambulance, damage to buildings or equipment, visits by the authorities or the need to summon the authorities). Reports must be submitted immediately after the end of the event.  

Can I get help with practical preparations?

  • As a general rule, the organisers must set up the tables and chairs they need themselves. Please contact your local Building Operations and Maintenance Office if you need any help. The event organisers must ensure that emergency exits are never blocked. Please note the instructions for the standard layout of rooms when replacing furniture.
  • If you need any IT/AV equipment, please contact Arts IT.