Framework for organising events

The organisers of events held at the Faculty of Arts are expected to be familiar with AU’s general rules for organising events at which alcohol is served. In addition, the organisers of events are expected to have read and accepted the additional rules relating to the use of rooms and to have familiarised themselves with the guidelines for handling emergencies such as fire and evacuation. All these guidelines can be accessed via the green bars below.

Types of room

  • Rooms can be booked by staff and students at the Faculty of Arts who are organising AU-related academic or social events (in other words, not private parties).
  • Classrooms may only be used for teaching and other academic activities (not for parties). Rooms can be booked via Study Centre Arts.
  • Study areas and cafeterias can be used for festive events. Anyone who wants to organise events (including student parties) must gain approval of an agreement for borrowing rooms at least 14 days in advance for events with less than 150 people, and at least one month in advance for events with more than 150 people.
  • Classrooms, study areas and other common areas can be used for activities containing both academic and social elements. An agreement for borrowing rooms is required for these events, which must be alcohol free.
  • Events involving the consumption of food may not be held in classrooms. Such events can be held in:

         Aarhus: The cafeteria in building 1482, study areas or the lunchrooms located at the schools.

         Emdrup: Building 7220, room D170, Baren or the Main Hall.    

Agreement for borrowing rooms

  • When borrowing rooms for events where alcohol and/or meals are served, the event organiser must fill in an agreement for borrowing rooms.
  • As a general rule, evens where no alcohol and meals are served do not need an agreement for borrowing rooms. But the event organiser should remember that the doors will be locked automatically. If you want one or more doors to stay unlocked after 18:00, please contact the Building Operations and Maintenance Office 14 days before the event:

         Aarhus: Report task to Arts Building Services

         Emdrup: Create a case via

  • When event organisers sign agreements for borrowing rooms, they accept responsibility for ensuring that these rooms, their furniture and the surrounding area are borrowed and returned as agreed, that all the furniture has been put back into place, and that the room has been cleaned as agreed. The details are arranged when the agreement is signed and handed over to the Building Operations and Maintenance Office.
  • The agreement for borrowing rooms requires the students to decide whether they need to apply for an alcohol licence.

What time can events start, and when must they finish?

  • Festive events (including Friday bars) can be held on Fridays between 16:00 and 02:00, provided that this does not annoy anyone else in the building (cf. the host department representative’s signature on the agreement for borrowing rooms).
  • Other (alcohol-free) events can be held on weekdays and must end at 22.00 at the latest.

Cleaning and tidying up

  • Rooms must be cleaned and tidied up immediately after events. They must be ready for study purposes the next morning at 08:00. This also applies to surrounding communal areas (corridors, staircases, toilets and outdoor areas).

Licences and fees

  • The event organiser is responsible for obtaining the necessary licences from the authorities (for instance a licence to serve alcohol, a licence to handle food, or a licence for noise control at outdoor events). The event organiser must also pay any expenses connected with planning and carrying out the event (for instance the Danish KODA fee). 

Borrowing study areas

  • When borrowing study areas for Friday bars, the event organiser should contact the chair of the Friday bar concerned to discuss the layout of the room/returning the room to its original condition, borrowing bars, storage space and other issues. The contact details for the chairs of Friday bars are available from Arts Building Services.