Checklist for new students

If you’re a new student at Aarhus University, it’s a good idea to check the following “need-to-do” and “need-to-know” lists during the first few weeks of your degree programme.


Please note that bachelor degree students will have access to AU's systems after August 9. Master degree students will have access when they receive their enrolment notification.

  1. If you are a full degree student, familiarise yourself with - a single point of access to information about courses, lectures and classes, study information and self-service systems. You will also find your student number here. ( is not available for exchange students and freemovers).
  2. Order your student card.
    Read here about the student card, how you order it and how you recieve it.
  3. Make sure you have access to the buildings
  4. Check your AU e-mail and set up your AU email on your computer or smartphone
  5. Check whether your access to the wireless network works. Please download from home and use Eduroam 
  6. Check your timetable 
  7. Familiarise yourself with the course system, Brightspace
  8. Create an user at the library. You have access to AU Library via your WAYF. Read how to create an user here.
    Read more and make sure you are registered at 
  9. Your login at AU Library gives you access to printing and copying via the system MyPrint. Make sure to make a deposit at your account in order to print:
  10. Buy your books and compendiums for the first semester in Stakbogladen. (In Emdrup you can buy compendiums in the library)
    You will be informed of which books to buy in the Introduction Week.
  11. Check if you are insured.

Once you have checked all these points, you will be ready to start your degree programme. It may be a good idea to read the following “Need-to-know” functions too.


  1. What you should know as a student at the Faculty of Arts
  2. Find out about the use of study rooms and other facilities at the Faculty of Arts
  3. Read the information about copyright and plagiarism
  4. Get to know your study portal:
  5. Read about your courses and exam requirements in the academic regulations
  6. Know your student number. You will need it during the introduction days and all the way through your degree programme. You will find it by logging on to and checking "personal informations". 
  7. Get to know your Study Centre Arts
  8. Get to know the academic side of your study life with Studypedia
  9. How to log in on AU's computers