Practical information while you are abroad

Even if you are not physically studying at AU, there are things you must remember in relation to your studies at home. You can read further about this below. 

Emergency situations

As a Dane abroad you can get help at the Danish embassy or the Danish consulate in your host country if you find yourself in an emergency situation. You can also always contact one of the AU employees who guided you in relation to your stay abroad.

Your host university might also offer various types of resources that you can use if you find yourself in a difficult situation. It is typically during the introduction activities around the start of the semester that you will receive information about the host university's offers regarding help and guidance.

Check your AU email often!

Remember to check your AU e-mail and e-Boks often. There may be essential messages from AU or public authorities that you have to deal with, even if you are abroad.

Please note that, for security reasons, you cannot use an email client to send or receive AU emails if you are outside Denmark. An email client is typically an app (such as Outlook) that is installed on your phone, tablet or other device. You will be able to open the email client, but you will not see emails you’ve received whilst abroad, and you will not be able to send emails using the email client. Emails you send from an email client while abroad will not reach the recipient. Read more here: Using AU mail whilst abroad

Registration for courses and exams at AU

Remember to keep an eye on the deadlines for registration for courses and exams at AU for the next semester. You do that at


When you are on exchange at one of AU's partner universities, you are considered a representative of AU. Therefore it is of great importance for the future cooperation between AU and your host university that you act as a good representative both for AU and for Denmark.

It is important that you participate in the study fairs that are held at your host university to inspire the local students to travel abroad. For example, you can assist in one of the stands and tell other students what it's like to be a student at AU and in Denmark. You can also offer to give a presentation of AU to interested students.

Contact your international coordinator at AU if you have questions in connection with participation in a study fair at your host university. 

Transcript of Records

Remember to check how and when you will receive your Transcript of Records from your exchange studies before you leave your host university. Some universities send the transcript directly to AU, others send it directly to you, while in some cases you have to download it yourself or obtain a signature that you have passed an exam.

Travel Report

At the end of your exchange stay, you must complete a Travel Report in MoveON. You will receive further information on your AU email. Your Travel Report can inspire other AU students to go on exchange, and it is also part of the quality assurance of AU's partner universities. If you received an Erasmus+ scholarship in connection to your studies abroad you must also fill in a special Erasmus+ evaluation form.

Become a buddy

While on exchange, you might discover how cool it is to be welcomed by local students in your host country. Each semester, several hundred new international students come to Aarhus University, either as exchange students for one or two semesters or on a full bachelor's or master's degree.

AU is looking for volunteers who are passionate about being buddies for these students. As a buddy, you are involved in helping these new international students to get a good arrival at AU and Aarhus.

It's awesome, and if that sounds like something for you, get in touch with your international coordinator in your field of study.