Study programmes

Master's degree programmes 2017-2021

Study programmes for Master's degree programmes 

The signed study programmes serve as confirmation that your course selection complies with the demands to courses in the academic regulations. Remember to read the academic regulations before filling in the form and make sure you observe rules concerning maximum time of study and inactivity.

Cand. oecon, 2017 (PDF) - Cand. oecon, 2017 (Word)
Cand. oecon IMSQE, 2017 (PDF) - Cand. oecon IMSQE, 2017 (Word)
Cand.soc. etfaglig, 2017 (PDF) - Cand. soc. etfaglig, 2017 (Word)

Please refer to the academic regulations for the rules applying to your degree programme.

Please note: From the autumn 2019 semester, it is no longer possible to include one bachelor level course in your Master's degree programme.

Cand.oecon and IMSQE 2012-2016

Study programmes for cand.oecon and IMSQE with enrollment 2012-2016: 

Cand.oecon. (2015)

Economics and Management (2015)

IMSQE (2015)

Cand.oecon. (2012)

Economics and Management (2012)

Elite programme (IMSQE) (2012)