Study programmes

Master's degree programmes 2017-2019

Study programmes for Master's degree programmes 2017:


Cand. oecon, 2017 (PDF) - Cand. oecon, 2017 (Word)
Cand. oecon IMSQE, 2017 (PDF) - Cand. oecon IMSQE, 2017 (Word)
Cand.soc. etfaglig, 2017 (PDF) - Cand. soc. etfaglig, 2017 (Word)

Please refer to the academic regulations for the rules applying to your degree programme.


Please note: From the autumn 2019 semester, it is no longer possible to include one bachelor level course in your Master's degree programme.

Cand.oecon and IMSQE 2012-2016

Study programmes for cand.oecon and IMSQE with enrollment 2012-2016: 

Cand.oecon. (2015)

Economics and Management (2015)

IMSQE (2015)

Cand.oecon. (2012)

Economics and Management (2012)

Elite programme (IMSQE) (2012)

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