Additional exam attempts

Under normal conditions, you will be allowed three attempts to successfully complete an examination. If you fail to pass, leave an examination before completion, hand in a blank examination paper or are absent from an examination that you have registered for, this will count as an examination attempt. If you spend three examination attempts on a course without passing, you will be disenrolled from Aarhus University – unless you obtain an exemption for an additional fourth examination attempt.

If you have not passed an examination after three attempts, you may send an application to your study board requesting a fourth attempt. To obtain permission for an additional examination attempt, you must be able to document special circumstances (e.g. a medical certificate) in connection with the three first examination attempts.

There is no complete list of conditions that can be characterized as ’special circumstances’. Special circumstances may be suddenly occurred situations, such as illness or loss of a close relative just before the examination. Lack of necessary qualifications or suitability for the degree programme will not be considered a special condition.

Medical certificates serving as documentation for illness in connection with an examination should preferably be issued on the actual date(s) of the examination in question.

Extra exam attempts for the Master's thesis

Please note, if you apply for exemption and is granted an additional exam attempt for the thesis, the transition to the extra exam attempt will follow the principles that apply to the transition between your first three exam attempts.

For example, in case you do not hand in your thesis at your third exam attempt and apply for a fourth, you should expect that the period for a fourth exam attempt starts already on the day of your third attempt. This is regardless of when you receive an answer to your application.