Background of the assessment

  • The 7-point marking scale is a scale used to assess how the students fulfil specific goals and objective. This means that the mark is based on the extent to which the Master’s thesis meets the objectives specified in the academic regulations.
  • Spelling and fluency are also considered in the assessment. The Examination Order thus specifies that the the academic assessment must reflect the linguistic clarity and proficiency of the Master’s thesis. In particularly glaring or superb cases, spelling and fluency may even independently influence the assessment of the Master’s thesis.
  • Furthermore, the English summary is included in the assessment.

Assessment deadline

  • Master’s theses should be corrected no later than 6 weeks after handing in.
  • Master’s theses may not be approved in advance.


  • You are not a graduate until the day you receive your mark. On this day, you will also automatically be withdrawn from the university.
  • To pass the final examination for the Master’s degree or the Main Subject Examination, you need at least a 02 on the new marking scale. In addition, for students following the 2008 regulation, the mark for the Master’s thesis counts as double.


No access to OneDrive after graduation

Once your last grade is registered you will no longer have access to OneDrive. This means that you have to download and transfer your files from OneDrive before finishing your programme.
It is not possible to restore access to OneDrive once you have finished your programme at Aarhus University.