Study spaces

Study spaces at the Department of Political Science

  • The department has a number of study spaces available for students writing their thesis. These study spaces are all located in building 1326.
  • To be allocated a study space, you must be registered for the Master’s thesis.
  • There are apprx. 56 study spaces. As a rule, all study spaces are meant to be shared.
  • If you are writing your thesis with someone else, you can apply to be seated in the same room.
  • The spaces are allocated by lot, and then the two students are responsible for dividing the table between them. It is therefore not possible to apply for sharing a table with a specific person.


  • You can apply for a study space here:
  • Please notice, that it is only possible to apply for a study space for the period within which you are registered for writing your master thesis. It is not possible to extend this period. 
  • The application deadline is August 3rd / January 3rd
  • The allocation of study spaces will take place approximately 14 days prior to semester start.   
  • Applications received after this deadline will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

Practical information

  • If you are allocated a study space and install your computer at the space, please note that the university insurance does not cover cases of theft from the locked thesis lockers.
    You should find out whether you are covered by your own insurance in case of theft.
  • Every space has a locker - please reminder to bring your own padlock.
  • Make sure to de-register if you are not using the allocated study space. When you have submitted the Master’s thesis, you are no longer entitled to the study space. This means that you must clear up the space so that it can be used by others.