Council work

If you have fallen behind schedule with your studies because of council work you have the option of applying for supplementary monthly SU payments.

How do I apply?

If you wish to apply for supplementary monthly payments because of council work you must send the following to the SU Office at Aarhus University.

  1. You must complete an application at minSU -> ‘Søg SU -> Tillæg af klip’. When you have completed the application you must save the acknowledgement page, which must be uploaded together with the following:
  2. A declaration from the relevant body - e.g. the Board of Studies - giving a detailed but brief description of the nature and scope of the work, the meeting activities and preparation for the meetings.
  3. Your own brief account of the nature and scope of the work, with a description of the forms of preparation the work has entailed. You are also asked to state which examinations you have fallen behind with, as well as their value in terms of ECTS credits.

When can I apply?

You can apply for supplementary monthly payments when a deficit can be registered in the study administration systems. This means that the earliest you can apply for the current semester is when the examination period is over and all examinations have been registered, so we can see whether you have fallen behind in this semester. Generally speaking you can do this in February for the autumn semester and in August for the spring semester. 

Processing time for your application

The usual case processing time is four to six weeks. This is subject to holiday periods and collection of further documentation.


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