What is a provider supplement?

A provider supplement can be awarded to students who are provider – either sole provider or persons cohabiting with another SU recipient.

Please note that you cannot receive a provider supplement at the same time as receiving monthly parental payments. 

Opt out of provider supplement

If you opt out of the SU or completion loan you also automatically opt out of the provider supplement, but if you opt out of the provider supplement this will have no effect on your SU situation otherwise.
In the event of changes in your SU situation, e.g. if you change study programme or have been on leave, you must reapply for the provider supplement.

How do I opt out of the provider supplement?

You opt out of the breadwinner supplement at minSU under ‘Ret din SU à Fravælg forsørgertillæg’. When you have completed the page at minSU you must save the acknowledgement page and upload it via the link below.

NB: provider and SU recipient simultaneously

Your cohabitant is an SU recipient if they have received SU, monthly parental payments or a completion loan for at least one month of the preceding quarter. This means you may possibly be able to receive the provider supplement for longer than you think.

Example: If your cohabitant receives their last SU, monthly parental payment or completion loan in January you are entitled to the provider supplement up to and including June.

NB: sole provider

When you stop being the sole provider you can receive the sole provider supplement for the rest of the quarter.

Example: If you are no longer the sole provider in October you can receive the supplement up to and including December.