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Group rooms and study spaces

Study spaces and group rooms for students have been set up in and around the Main Hall in building A.

You can find both study spaces and group rooms at the library. Students have 24-hour access to some sections of the library: 24-hour access.


You will find the cafeteria in building C, entrance C1. Website (in Danish)



Compendiums can be purchased at the library: AU Library, Emdrup Campus (DPB).


You have access to photocopy machines at the library. The photocopy machines use MyPrint.

Internet access

The wireless network is accessible throughout Emdrup Campus. Access the network via Eduroam.

Parking facilities

Parking is free of charge at Emdrup Campus. The parking spaces are located near the main entrance on Tuborgvej and on the road between the railway and buildings B and D – a side road to Emdrupvej.

Trains and busses

Emdrup train station is located very close to Emdrup Campus (the S-train, line B), and bus routes 21, 42 and 185 stop close by.

Lost property

All enquiries about lost property should be directed at the local operating office.


The operating staff, the cleaning staff and the gardeners cannot take care of the clean-up of the premises alone, so we kindly ask you as a student to always clean up after yourself at AU’s premises, which includes:

  • Returning used tableware to the cafeteria/café
  • Using the appropriate litter bins to dispose of any litter – including on outside premises

Save energy

As a student, you can make a great difference when it comes to saving energy. Energy saving benefits the environment and helps keep costs down for a big organisation like AU.

What can you do to save energy?

  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room
  • Use the stairs rather than the elevator
  • Notify the local operating staff if you discover running water in a toilet etc.
  • Turn off the radiator in the room if you open a window


Alarm instructions: All buildings are equipped with alarm instructions that tell you what to do and how to respond in catastrophic or life-threatening situations.

General safety measures: To ensure your safety, as well as that of your fellow students and the AU buildings, it is crucial that you only use your student card to let yourself into any AU building. If, for example, you and a fellow student intend to use the building facilities outside normal opening hours, you both need to bring a valid student card. When you are on AU’s premises, you may be asked to present your student card. Also, remember never to leave valuables unattended.

Make sure to notify the local operating staff if you have information about suspicious looking individuals or of a situation that may pose a safety risk

Always remember to close the windows when you leave a room

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