Buildings and facilities

Kasernen at the Faculty of Arts has a wealth of facilities to support our research and education efforts in a wide range of aesthetic subjects.

We have the equipment needed to handle everything from the digital transformation of obsolete media to modern event technology, including:

  • Theatres equipped with advanced lighting and sound equipment
  • A theatre workshop, dressing room and laundry room
  • A foyer with a café  
  • Fully equipped rehearsal rooms
  • A lovingly maintained range of pianos (reserved for students of musicology)
  • A keyboard laboratory
  • Fully equipped studios (reserved for students of art history)
  • Classrooms with extensive AV equipment that can play everything from VHS to Blu-ray (but not cassette tapes)
  • A library specialising in aesthetic literature
  • Facilities for use in media editing, media reviews and digitalisation
  • Technical equipment that you can borrow for any purposes that are relevant for your course

Using the facilities at Kasernen

Rooms, booking etc.
E-mail: lokaler.kasernen@cc.au.dk

Music-, theater-, media- and AV-equipment:
Morten Brockhoff, mortenb@cc.au.dk // 8716 3006

Building Service, accesscards etc.:
Ivan Smidt, ism@au.dk // 8715 2259

Disability access:

In general, the campus is disabled-friendly, for example, ramps, lifts and disabled toilets have been set up. If you need more information or have special needs, please contact: Special Educational Support

Contactc the Maintainance Office

Emergency response

Study spaces and group rooms

Here is an overview of study spaces, study areas and group rooms at Kasernen.

Students who are writing their thesis can also apply for an assigned study space


You can buy breakfast, lunch, coffee etc. at the Kasernen cafeteria in building 1585. 

The cafeteria is open on all weekdays at 08:00-13:30.

You will find more information about the Kasernen cafeteria on their Facebook page.

Copying and printing

You can print and copy material using the AU Library MyPrint printing system. 

Printers and copying machines can be found at AU Library, Kasernen, building 1582. 

Here is some more information about MyPrint.


AU Library, Kasernen

Building 1582

Tel.: +45  91 35 64 48

Email: kasernen.aul@kb.dk

For the library’s opening hours, please see the website.