Buildings and facilities

The Balle Lounge

This is where anthropologists and archaeologists can meet, and it’s also where the Friday bar is held.

Moesgaard Museum

During your time as a student at AU, you will get the chance to see plenty of different exhibitions at Moesgaard Museum. Students at Moesgaard are allowed into the museum free of charge – all you have to do is show a valid student ID card.

Study spaces and group rooms

At Moesgaard, the study spaces are in the library. You will find both ordinary study spaces and some study spaces reserved for students who are writing their thesis.

Here is a list of ordinary study spaces and study spaces for students writing their thesis at Moesgaard. 


You can buy breakfast, lunch, coffee etc. in the cafeteria at Moesgaard

You will find the cafeteria in building 4204. 

Here is some more information about the opening hours of the cafeteria.

IT and printing

There are photocopy rooms near the classrooms and in the library wing.

You can print and copy material using the AU Library MyPrint printing system. 

Here is some more information about MyPrint.



AU Library, Moesgård

Moesgård Allé 20

8270 Højberg

Tel.: +45 91 35 64 49


For the library’s opening hours, please see the website.


Student guidance at Moesgaard Campus (MOCA)