Human security

About project placement

As part of the Master’s programme in Human Security you can choose to do a project placement during the 3rd semester (30 ECTS). The project placement is required to have a minimum duration of 3 months.

A project placement takes place in collaboration with an institution, organisation or business; or in connection with a university research programme.

The student’s task during the placement must include significant elements of data collection, analysis and reporting.

The host institution must ensure that students receive necessary support during the placement. In addition to this, the student is in regular contact with the academic supervisor, who oversees that the project complies with the required academic goals described in the academic regulations.

Before the project placement is initiated, a contract is set up between the student and the host institution, approved by the supervisor.

About academic supervision

You must have an academic supervisor, and you will be appointed one at the beginning of 2nd semester; i.e. a lecturer from the Department of Anthropology or one of the affiliated lecturers from the Department of Bioscience and DCA (Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture). Notice that your supervisor needs to be an Assistant/Associate Professor or Professor.

Mentor meeting: Getting a supervisor

During 1st semester all students will be informed about potential supervisors, and you will be invited for a mentor meeting (15-20 minutes) with the programme coordinator of Human Security, Christian B. N. Gade.

The purpose of the mentor meeting is to discuss your project placement ideas and possible wishes for a preferred supervisor.  

After the mentor meeting the Head of Department will appoint a supervisor for each student – taking individual project ideas and the availability of particular supervisor(s) into consideration.

This procedure of supervisor distribution means that you do not have to apply for your own academic supervisor, and that the distribution of supervisors will be done in collaboration with other responsible (track) coordinators at the Department of Anthropology (who also distribute supervisors for Master’s students in Anthropology).

Please notice: Actual supervision for your 3rd semester project placement will only start during the beginning of 2nd semester (i.e. early February).

Travel grant

You can apply for Arts' Travel Grant even before you have found a project placement topic abroad.
Deadlines and application form with instructions (e.g. regarding pre-approval) is available here: Arts Travel Grant